Paving the Path to Energy Justice: REDI Applications Open and Global Engagements Flourish

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/3/2024, 11:45 a.m.
In my journey with the Department of Energy, the evolution of energy justice has been a profoundly gratifying experience. Over …
Shalanda H. Baker, Director of the Office of Energy Justice and Equity and Secretarial Advisor on Equity

In my journey with the Department of Energy, the evolution of energy justice has been a profoundly gratifying experience. Over nearly four years, I have witnessed its roots extend from the icy landscapes of Alaska to the sun-soaked shores of Hawaii. Our initiatives have amplified the voices of communities that have long been marginalized, empowering them to shape their own clean energy futures.

However, the reach of energy justice extends beyond America's borders. This month, I had the unique opportunity to see how energy justice is indeed a global endeavor.

A Global Perspective on Energy Justice

I was honored to chair the European Union (EU) - United States (US) Just Transition Workshop on Energy Poverty. This pivotal event brought together experts from various EU nations and US leaders to collaborate on tackling energy insecurity. We explored challenges, shared best practices, and worked towards creating a just and equitable clean energy future for all.

My month concluded with a visit to Brazil, where I addressed the G20 summit. My focus was on maximizing the benefits of energy transition for local communities and ensuring they have a voice in the policy-making process. The work we are championing in the Office of Energy Justice and Equity (EJE) serves as a beacon for other nations, illustrating the power of community-centric energy policies.

Regional Energy Democracy Initiative (REDI) Pilot Applications Now Open

In a significant milestone for our energy justice mission, we are thrilled to announce that applications for the Regional Energy Democracy Initiative (REDI) pilot are now open. This initiative aims to provide $5 million in technical assistance to organizations in the Gulf South region of Texas and Louisiana. These funds will support groups involved in delivering community benefits through DOE-funded projects. The REDI pilot is a crucial tool for directly connecting DOE resources to the communities that need them most.

Transforming Communities, Shaping the Future

Every day, our collective efforts are not just shaping a better nation but are nurturing the seeds of a better world. From local to global initiatives, we are making significant strides in advancing energy justice and equity.

Key Highlights of Our Impact

1. Empowering Communities: Our work has empowered communities across the US, providing them with the tools and resources needed to participate in and benefit from the clean energy transition.

2. Global Leadership: Our engagements with international bodies like the EU and G20 showcase our commitment to global energy justice, influencing policies and practices worldwide.

3. REDI Pilot: The launch of the REDI pilot in Texas and Louisiana is a testament to our dedication to directly impacting local communities, ensuring they receive the support needed to thrive in a clean energy future.

Join the Movement

As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in energy justice, we invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can create a future where clean energy is accessible, equitable, and just for all.

For more information on the Regional Energy Democracy Initiative and to apply, visit [DOE REDI Program](