Unveiling Art Lab: Discovery Green Redefines Houston’s Public Art Realm

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/3/2024, 2:45 p.m.
Excitement is brewing as Discovery Green Conservancy unveils Art Lab, a pioneering mentorship initiative designed to empower underrepresented local artists …

Excitement is brewing as Discovery Green Conservancunveils Art Lab, a pioneering mentorship initiative designed to empower underrepresented local artists and revolutionize Houston’s public art scene. Renowned as a national beacon for green space creation and immersive art experiences, Discovery Green is once again at the forefront of innovation with the launch of Art Lab.

Art Lab stands as a beacon of support for Houston's burgeoning artistic community, providing mentorship, resources, and a $4,500 honorarium to two selected local artists. These artists will embark on a transformative journey under the guidance of a prestigious team of mentors, including the acclaimed artist and engineer, Jen Lewin. Lewin, hailed for her boundary-pushing installations, will lead the inaugural Art Lab project, a soon-to-be-revealed site-specific art installation slated for Discovery Green's winter season of 2024/25.

Collaborating alongside Lewin are esteemed partners such as the Weingarten Art Group, co-curators of Discovery Green's public art program, and Metalab, a distinguished Houston-based architecture and design firm with a rich history of public art ventures. Together, these mentors will nurture the selected artists, providing invaluable insights into the intricacies of designing, building, and installing large-scale public artworks.


“This initiative reflects Discovery Green’s unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and cultural diversity within our vibrant city,” remarked Kathryn Lott, President of Discovery Green Conservancy. “Art Lab represents a bold step forward in our mission to amplify the voices of local artists while enriching the public art landscape of Houston.”

Lea Weingarten, Principal of Weingarten Art Group, lauded Discovery Green's initiative, recognizing its pivotal role in breaking down barriers and propelling local talent onto the national stage. “Art Lab is not just about creating art; it's about cultivating a community of visionary artists who will shape the future of public art in Houston and beyond,” remarked Weingarten.

Since its inception 16 years ago, Discovery Green has evolved into a dynamic outdoor gallery, boasting a prestigious permanent collection and hosting acclaimed temporary exhibitions that captivate audiences from near and far. Art Lab represents the latest chapter in Discovery Green's storied legacy, offering emerging artists a platform to showcase their talent and creativity on a grand scale.

Applications for Art Lab are now open exclusively to artists, architects, and designers residing within a 75-mile radius of central Houston. The deadline for submissions is July 14, 2024, with the selected artists set to be announced in August. The program will run from September 2024 through January 2025, thanks to the generous support of an anonymous national foundation.

For aspiring artists eager to join this transformative journey, further details and the application process can be found at www.discoverygreen.com/artlab. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of Houston's artistic renaissance and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Discovery Green's ever-evolving landscape.