Holiday Spotlight: Faith-Based Non-Profit Hoodies 4 Healing Foundation Dedicates Sunday To Feeding The Homeless

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 12/24/2022, 11:35 a.m.
Cypress-based non-profit dedicates their passion for the community to feeding and providing resources to the homeless, and financially supporting single …

If one is looking for inspiration, you don't have to look far, there is a woman full of faith and heart full of joy spreading love to those who are in need. On Christmas day, Boutique Owner and Non-profit Founder Rosemary Tucker assembled her Hoodies 4 Healing team and community partners to make sure the homeless bellies were full. From turkey, rolls, wings to hot chocolate and gourmet pasta, Rose and her team believes the food served should be amazing and delicious only with no cutbacks. With over 30,000 served since November 2020, the momentum and need is still relevant. Their newest call-to-action was to make sure everyone who came for food received a warm blanket in this chilly season.

We got a wonderful opportunity to speak with Rose in a brief interview about her mission to become an anchor of hope.

"Hello God, this is Rosemary, daughter of Lily...." A praying mom, on her knees as she recounts the difficult time when her daughter Diana was in excruciating pain from a rare growing cyst on her brain. Diana is healed and we have the story, here.

When asked about various constraints her organization faces, she mentioned, "some of the challenges is getting the community to support, having a product that people want to purchase (through Hoodies 4 Healing) so we can have the funds to serve the homeless."

One quote Rose lives by that keeps her motivated, steadfast and positive is, "We take our breath and God's grace for granted until we are granted our last breath.." Rose recently received one of the most prestigious honors, the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday, December 4, 2022 presented by Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University. In addition, Rosemary, brought in her 51st birthday by serving the homeless which marks year three as a tradition.

Rose mentioned, "Hoodies 4 Healing goal is to become a bigger and better blessing to God's children, the homeless, to help heal more people and bring more hope to those who are deeply hurting. Supporters can simply donate by purchasing a Hoodies 4 Healing hoodie knowing that it is being distributed for an incredible cause. Every dime matters," Rose stated.

About Hoodies 4 Healing:

The Hoodies 4 Healing Foundation is about honoring God by helping other people in need with giving back. The foundation shares blessings to others in abundance. Whether it’s selling merchandise, hoodies, and/or t-shirts for fundraising, or selling to give back through hot meals, free haircuts, and essentials for Houston’s homeless and those who are sick, it is Hoodies 4 Healing’s honor to give back to others in the name of God.

You can find the Hoodies 4 Healing team every Sunday serving hot meals and essentials to Houston’s homeless at 95 North Hamilton St., right across from the Star of Hope (1811 Ruiz St, Houston, TX 77002) in the adjacent parking lot from 8:30AM-10:30AM.

For Donations & Shopping with a purpose, please be sure to stop by the shop!

Blessties Boutique

18039 Farm to Market Rd 529 D, Cypress, TX 77433

Holiday Hours may vary:

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