Beyoncé's CÉ NOIR Fragrance Unveiled: The Essence Of Queen Bey

Francis Page Jr. | 11/2/2023, 3:22 p.m.

Houston’s very own, Beyoncé, never ceases to amaze. The multifaceted artist, business mogul, and now fragrance maestro, has just unveiled her latest venture: a brand-new perfume named CÉ NOIR. The announcement, strategically released ahead of her Renaissance World Tour’s theatrical debut, has the BeyHive and fragrance enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

Encapsulated in a sleek, inter- galactic-themed bottle, CÉ NOIR, which translates to “This Black,” truly captures the essence of Beyoncé’s artistry. The fragrance, retailing at $160 for 1.7 fl ounces, boasts a blend of clementine, golden honey, rose absolute, jasmine sambac, Namibian myrrh, and golden amber. Crafted meticulously in France and designed by Queen Bey herself, it promises to be an olfactory experience like no other. Intrigued customers can now pre-order on Beyoncé’s official fragrance site with a promise of a “special gift” accompanying the purchase.

Houston Style Magazine readers who were lucky enough to attend her Renaissance World Tour might remember being treated with sample strips of CÉ NOIR. The perfume made its subtle presence felt in cities including Inglewood, San Francisco, and Phoenix, among others.

This is not Beyonce's' first'' foray into fragrances. CÉ NOIR marks her 15th fragrance offering, following the success of' her 2020 release "Heat" and its subsequent variations. Alongside her fragrance news

the singer also teased her final Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration, Ivy Park Noir, on her Instagram. This all-black clothing line, as reported by Billboard, draws its inspiration from the enigmatic world of film-noir.

However, it wasn’t just the press release that had everyone talking. In an intimate Instagram video, Beyoncé personally introduced CÉ NOIR to her fans. Dressed in a chic black ensemble and showcasing her radiant beauty, she enthusiastically shared her journey in creating the perfume and even revealed her ritual of spritzing it during her performances on the Renaissance World Tour.

The only question left for Houston Style Magazine readers: Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of CÉ NOIR and channel your inner Beyoncé? As Queen Bey herself would say, “Say no more.” Pre-order now and let the magic of CÉ NOIR enchant your

senses this holiday season.