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A Political and Natural Tempest: The Last 10 Days in America

In an intense and tumultuous stretch of events, the political and natural landscape of the United States has been reshaped in extraordinary ways. Here's a rundown of the significant happenings that have made headlines.

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Houston Immigration and Employment Lawyer Jacob Monty Joins Prestigious James Beard Foundation Board of Trustees

Monty and Ramirez LLP proudly announce that Jacob Monty, a distinguished Houston immigration and employment lawyer, has been appointed to the James Beard Foundation® Board of Trustees. This prestigious honor highlights Monty’s commitment to the culinary arts and his dedication to promoting diversity and equity in the food industry.

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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to Lie in State in Houston City Hall Rotunda

In a gesture of profound respect and recognition, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has been bestowed with the highest honor of lying in state at Houston City Hall. This solemn tribute is a testament to her significant contributions to the City of Houston and her unwavering dedication to her constituents.

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Kamala Harris's Record-Breaking $231 Million Fundraising Frenzy: A New Chapter in the 2024 Presidential Election

In a spectacular display of grassroots support, ActBlue, the nonprofit Democratic fundraising platform, has achieved an astonishing milestone raising $231 million in the first 24 hours after President Joe Biden's announcement of his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race.

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Kamala Harris Surges to Democratic Nomination with Unprecedented Support From Former Rivals

Vice President Kamala Harris is making waves as she strides confidently toward the 2024 Democratic nomination. With a cascade of endorsements from potential rivals, influential lawmakers, governors, and powerful labor and advocacy groups, the stage is set for a formidable campaign against Donald J. Trump.

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Eat All You Want: 13 Foods That'll Never Tip the Scale

Maintaining a healthy weight is a goal for many of us, but it doesn't have to mean giving up tasty treats or enduring flavorless meals. Contrary to popular belief, several foods are both satisfying and won't tip the scale in the wrong direction. Dive into these delectable options and enjoy guilt-free eating while promoting a balanced lifestyle.

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Democratic Leaders Rally Behind Vice President Harris to Challenge Donald Trump

United Front: Unwavering Support for VP Harris from Coast to Coast

In a historic show of unity, more than 150 elected officials have rallied behind Vice President Kamala Harris, echoing President Biden’s endorsement and solidifying her position as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential race. This unprecedented wave of support comes from all corners of the nation, transcending the typical partisan lines and highlighting the collective determination to thwart Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

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Twisters: A Cinematic Tornado of Thrills!

If You Feel It – Chase It!

When it comes to influential films in the world of climate research and weather reporting, few can hold a candle to "Twister," Jan de Bont’s epic action movie that has spawned a sequel blowing through theaters this weekend.

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Texas Southern University Receives Transformative $5 Million Gift – Propels Endowment Beyond $100 Million

Texas Southern University (TSU) has reached a remarkable milestone, securing a $5 million donation that propels it into the elite club of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) with endowments exceeding $100 million. This significant contribution marks a pivotal moment in TSU's history as it approaches its centennial, fortifying the university’s resilience, impact, and adaptability in a dynamic global landscape.

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Cadillac Reveals the Stunning 2025 Escalade: Elevating Luxury and Technology

Cadillac has unveiled the 2025 Escalade, bringing a thoughtfully refreshed interior and exterior to its iconic and best-selling luxury full-size SUV. This new model elevates the standard of full-size SUV luxury with bold American craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and remarkable performance.

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