NBA Foundation Amplifies Economic Empowerment with Texas Black Expo's Trailblazing B.O.O.M. Initiative

Francis Page Jr. | 11/30/2023, 4:52 p.m.
In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Texas Black Expo has garnered the prestigious support of the NBA Foundation through a grant …
Jerome D. Love - Founder, President and CEO - Texas Black Expo

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Texas Black Expo has garnered the prestigious support of the NBA Foundation through a grant aimed at magnifying economic empowerment within the African American community. This strategic partnership heralds a new era for the non-profit's vibrant mission of promoting financial literacy, business acumen, and educational excellence.


In a significant stride toward economic inclusivity, the NBA Foundation has chosen the Texas Black Expo as a beneficiary of its empowerment-driven grant, showcasing a shared commitment to the financial upliftment of African Americans in Texas. The Texas Black Expo, a cornerstone in community enrichment and business growth for over two decades, celebrates this union as a testament to its sustained dedication and vision.

Jerome D. Love, the visionary founder and CEO of Texas Black Expo, articulates the NBA Foundation's grant as a pivotal investment in the community's prosperous future. This initiative is set to broaden the horizons of countless African American youths in Texas, equipping them with the tools for robust financial and entrepreneurial success.

Greg Taylor, the NBA Foundation's Executive Director, expresses his enthusiasm in welcoming Texas Black Expo into their fold, highlight- ing this partnership as a step forward in nurturing the economic potential of the younger generation for enduring success.

The Texas Black Expo's Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth Development (FEW) initiative lies at the heart of this grant. It aspires to inaugurate schools across Texas that integrate the FEW curriculum, fostering a bedrock of financial wisdom and business leadership.

Renowned for its catalytic role in the community, Texas Black Expo's Economic Prosperity Creates Awesome Communities motto encapsulates their mission to forge a nexus for African American entrepreneurs and businesses to synergize with clientele and investors. The Summer Celebration event, a brainchild of the organization, has risen to prominence as a pivotal gathering in Texas's cultural and economic calendar.


The NBA Foundation's financial endorsement is set to reinforce Texas Black Expo's initiatives in financial education, entrepreneurial mentorship, and wealth-building strategies. This alliance is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a balanced and affluent future for the African American youth, emboldened by Engaging Curriculum, Real World Experiences, and Life Skills.

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