Experience the Splendor of Creativity at Missouri City’s “Tutus & Tuxes Gala” Presented by the Edison Arts Foundation – Cultivating Community Through the Arts

Francis Page Jr. | 4/16/2024, 11:57 a.m.
Missouri City, TX, awaits the shimmering “Tutus & Tuxes Gala,” an event by the Edison Arts Foundation poised to adorn …

Missouri City, TX, awaits the shimmering “Tutus & Tuxes Gala,” an event by the Edison Arts Foundation poised to adorn the evening of April 27, 2024. Held at the Landmark Community Center, the gala celebrates artistic excellence and community impact.


Event Spotlight:

  • Date & Time: April 27, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: The Landmark Community Center, 100 Louisiana Street, Missouri City, TX 77459

Enrich Your Palette of Experiences: Join us for an exquisitely crafted evening where the arts take center stage, merging the grace of ballet tutus with the formality of tuxedos. The gala is set to honor the transformative influence of the arts with the "Heart Work...The Impact of the Arts" theme, underscoring the foundation's dedication to nurturing artistic talent.

photo  Miss Texas Ellie Breaux

Highlights of the Gala:

  • Awards & Accolades: Applaud the achievements of luminaries like Miss Texas Ellie Breaux, recording artist MAJOR, and the visionary Carmen Jones-Marigny, lauded for their indelible contributions to the arts.
  • Master of Ceremonies: The event's charm will be enhanced by KTRK ABC13’s Briana Connor and Brandon Hamilton, guiding the festivities.
  • Performances to Remember: Prepare to be enthralled by ballet showcases from Lauren Anderson Ballet Masterclass scholars, soul-stirring live music, and captivating art installations.
  • Socialize & Support: Engage with fellow patrons in a gala that not only spotlights artistic expression but also fortifies the Edison Arts Foundation’s commitment to artistic development.
  • photo  Carmen Jones

Exclusive Opportunities:

  • Auction & Contributions: Partake in an exclusive auction, contribute to crucial art initiatives, and immerse yourself in the "Heart Work...The Impact of the Arts."
  • Sponsorships & Donations: Explore various sponsorship options and honor contributions by dedicating pavers, seats, or spaces to sustain the arts.

Reserve Your Experience: Secure your attendance at the “Tutus & Tuxes Gala” by visiting the Edison Arts Foundation’s website for tickets and support options. Every contribution weave into the vibrant tapestry of our cultural heritage. Tickets for the “Tutus and Tuxes Gala are available for purchase on the Edison Arts Foundation website (https://edisonartsfoundation.org)

Anticipating the Edison Arts Center: The upcoming fall will see the grand opening of the Edison Arts Center, destined to be a cornerstone of artistic discovery and appreciation in our community.

Connect with Us: For more information on the Edison Arts Foundation’s impact and events or follow us on social media at: https://www.facebook.com/share/GPf8bkTmefVoKpQn/?mibextid=qi2Omg; @edisonartsfoundation @edisoncultureartscenter Instagram: @edisonarts