Revitalizing Tradition: Central Market Unveils Grand Renovation Plan for Iconic San Antonio Store

Francis Page Jr. | 4/16/2024, 5:54 p.m.
Central Market – a gourmet grocery retailer, and a division of the Texas-based H-E-B – is excited to announce an …

Central Market – a gourmet grocery retailer, and a division of the Texas-based H-E-B – is excited to announce an extensive renovation of its cherished Broadway store in San Antonio. This renovation is set to redefine the shopping adventure for San Antonians, reinforcing Central Market's commitment to offering a premier food retail experience.

The Broadway location, an icon since its origins as an H-E-B store in 1951, is poised to undergo a transformation that promises to blend tradition with modernity. The proposed enhancements, pending approval, involve a facelift to the storefront to echo the local architectural vernacular, with an interior makeover aimed at streamlining operations and uplifting customer experience.


Shoppers can anticipate a reimagined store layout with energy-efficient upgrades, an expanded café seating arrangement, and a rejuvenated breakroom for staff—affirming Central Market's dedication to both patrons and Partners. The project's initial phase will modernize the parking area and add a new produce loading dock, expected to complete in late 2024. The second phase will launch thereafter, targeting completion by mid-2026.

Reminiscing on the Broadway store's legacy—from its pioneering air-conditioned premises and in-store music to being the birthplace of Central Market's signature chef-prepared case—this revamp is more than a renovation; it's a celebration of Central Market's evolution with the San Antonio community.

For enthusiasts of the unique and gourmet, Central Market Broadway remains a haven, offering an extraordinary selection of products. With 90,000 square feet of space, the store is a treasure trove of Texas delights and global finds. Now in its 30th year, Central Market continues to offer an unparalleled shopping experience with its European-style layout and exceptional assortment of produce, seafood, cheeses, wines, and more.

As Central Market forges ahead, embracing innovation and sustainability, its journey reflects a storied heritage and a vibrant future. For updates on this transformative project and to indulge in a world-class culinary journey, visit: or follow their social channels, and stay #ReallyIntoFood.