Modern Heart and Vascular Institute Unveils State-of-the-Art Cardiovascular Center in TMC

Francis Page Jr. | 7/10/2024, 12:56 p.m.
Modern Heart and Vascular Institute opens a state-of-the-art cardiovascular center in Texas Medical Center, staffed by a team of renowned …

Modern Heart and Vascular Institute proudly announces the grand opening of its latest state-of-the-art cardiovascular center in the prestigious Texas Medical Center. This cutting-edge facility is dedicated to enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivering superior cardiovascular services to the Houston community.

A Team of Renowned Specialists

The new center is staffed by a distinguished team of specialists, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise, including Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, Dr. Michael Siropaides, Dr. Percy Morales, Dr. Ricardo Bellera, Dr. William Kalchoff, Dr. Joshua Quinones, Dr. Mouzam Faroqui, Dr. Dorothy Pei, and Dr. Devang Parikh.

These experts offer a comprehensive range of services from general cardiology and pediatrics to specialized treatments for heart and vein conditions, ensuring personalized and compassionate care for every patient.

Advanced Diagnostic and Preventative Care

Modern Heart and Vascular is equipped with the latest technological advancements in cardiovascular care, enabling early diagnosis and prevention of numerous heart-related diseases and conditions. The center's on-site testing capabilities provide patients with the convenience and assurance of exceptional quality, accuracy, and timely follow-up.

Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, a leading specialist at the institute, remarked, "This expansion represents a significant step in our mission to provide accessible, high-quality cardiovascular care. We're eager to bring our patient-centered approach to this renowned medical hub, making it easier for patients to receive the care they need."

Comprehensive Services Offered

The new facility offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Echocardiogram
  • Nuclear Cardiology Stress Test (Treadmill and Chemical)
  • Cardiac PET/CT scans
  • Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)
  • Arterial Doppler, Venous Doppler, Carotid Doppler, Renal Artery Doppler, Abdominal Aorta Doppler
  • Pacemaker/AICD Checks
  • Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP)
  • Modern Vein Treatments (Ablation, Venaseal, Sclerotherapy)
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Prevention-Focused Services

Convenient and Accessible Care

Located at 7400 Fannin St, Suite 845, Houston, TX 77054, the new center is designed to provide top-quality cardiovascular care with convenience in mind. Modern Heart and Vascular Institute offers same-day appointments to meet patients' needs promptly. The center accepts the majority of insurance plans, including commercial, Medicare, and Medicare replacement plans.

Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Modern Heart and Vascular Institute or call 832-644-8930. Stay ahead of cardiovascular health with the trusted care of Modern Heart and Vascular Institute.