One of the world’s biggest cities may be just months away from running out of water

Alejandro Gomez has been without proper running water for more than three months. Sometimes it comes on for an hour or two, but only a small trickle, barely enough to fill a couple of buckets. Then nothing for many days.

Supreme Court hears landmark cases; could upend what we see on social media

The US Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments Monday in two cases that could dramatically reshape social media, weighing whether states such as Texas and Florida should have the power to control what posts platforms can remove from their services.

Trump’s plan to use Judge Cannon to block Judge Chutkan and avoid trial

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers see a major opportunity this week to use his criminal document mishandling case in Florida to create an impasse on his calendar for the two federal judges overseeing his major criminal cases.

Warren Buffett: Berkshire’s boom days may be over; company approaches $1 trillion in value

Berkshire Hathaway neared a $1 trillion market valuation Monday after a record-breaking year, but CEO Warren Buffett warned in his annual letter to investors that more skyrocketing performances are likely a thing of the past.

Sweden clears final hurdle in bid to join NATO after Hungary approves accession

Hungary’s parliament overwhelmingly approved Sweden’s bid to join NATO on Monday, clearing the way for the Nordic nation’s accession to the alliance after nearly two years of intense negotiations and dealing a geopolitical blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

New book reveals ‘overlooked’ chapter in Abraham Lincoln’s story

On a Tuesday evening in the nation’s capital, a clock chimes loudly just as Harold Holzer is about to make a point.

Zelensky says Trump doesn’t understand Putin because he never fought him

Former US President Donald Trump will be “against Americans” if he chooses to support Russia over Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN Sunday, in a stark warning as his country enters a third year of full-scale war.

Augusta University student killed while jogging at UGA is honored as suspect’s immigration status fuels debate

While mourners prepare for a vigil honoring a beloved student found dead on the University of Georgia campus, her suspected killer’s immigration status has renewed debate over immigration policies.

Protected beeps? Supreme Court declines to decide if states may ticket drivers for honking horn

When she honked her car horn during a protest in 2017, Susan Porter said the familiar sound was a form of speech that should be protected by the First Amendment.

Amazon officially joins Dow Jones Industrial Average, boots out Walgreens

Amazon on Monday was officially added to Wall Street’s most venerable stock index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Navalny’s mother told to agree to secret funeral or have her son buried at penal colony, spokesperson says

Russian authorities told the mother of late opposition figure Alexey Navalny he would be buried at the Arctic penal colony where he died unless she agreed within three hours to a secret funeral without a public farewell, his spokeswoman said ...

Gen Z and Millennials are putting their own spin on book clubs

From Dua Lipa to “silent” book clubs, Millennials and Gen Z are joining book clubs as a way to socialize.

Police ID person of interest in death of Augusta University student found dead on UGA campus

University of Georgia Police have identified a person of interest who is being questioned in relation to the on-campus death of 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley on Thursday, a UGA spokesperson said.

Statement on Donald Trump Pretending He’s Not Responsible for Families Losing IVF Access

In response to Donald Trump trying to whitewash the reality he created, Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez released the following statement:

Maryland lawmakers propose legalizing online casino

A renewed push to legalize online casino gambling is making its way to the Maryland General Assembly.