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Appeals court halts fresh Biden administration efforts to cancel some student debt

The Biden administration’s efforts to cancel federal student loan debt for borrowers who enrolled in its new repayment plan took another Republican-led legal hit Thursday.

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Biden announces additional $1.2 billion in student debt relief for 35,000 public-sector workers

President Joe Biden announced another round of student loan debt forgiveness Thursday, totaling $1.2 billion for 35,000 public-sector workers including teachers, nurses and firefighters.

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IRS plans to increase audit rates of wealthy taxpayers by 50%

The Internal Revenue Service detailed its plans Thursday to significantly ramp up audit rates of wealthy taxpayers and large corporations, using funds provided by the Democrat-backed Inflation Reduction Act that passed in 2022.

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Biden to cancel $6 billion in student debt for borrowers misled by The Art Institutes, a former for-profit college group

The Biden administration said Wednesday that it has approved the cancellation of more than $6.1 billion in student loan debt held by 317,000 borrowers who previously attended The Art Institutes, a now-defunct network of for-profit colleges.

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Biden to forgive $7.4 billion more in student loan debt for 277,000 borrowers

The Biden administration said Friday that is using existing student loan forgiveness programs to cancel another round of student debt, totaling $7.4 billion for 277,000 borrowers.

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Liberty University fined $14 million for campus safety violations

Liberty University, a Christian college located in Virginia, has agreed to pay a $14 million fine as a result of a Department of Education review into its handling of campus safety, including with respect to its published crime statistics and treatment of sexual assault survivors.

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Biden's New Student Loan Program: Nearly 153,000 Enrolled, Debt Cancellation Emails Expected Wednesday

Nearly 153,000 student loan borrowers currently enrolled in a new repayment plan launched by the Biden administration are expected to get an email Wednesday notifying them that their remaining federal student loan debt will be canceled, totaling about $1.2 billion.

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Colleges won’t receive FAFSA data until March - what this means for students

Colleges won’t start receiving students’ financial aid data from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA, until the first half of March – more than a month later than expected.

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