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Trump Media stock rises after debate

Former President Donald Trump’s social media company is getting a boost after President Joe Biden’s shaky debate performance.

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Even wealthy Americans are struggling to make ends meet

About one in three Americans making six-figure salaries are worried about paying their bills, according to a new survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

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Zero-down mortgages are making a comeback

Many Americans would love to buy a home, but they don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to cover a down payment.

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Good news: The worst could be over for gas prices this spring

Israel and Iran have been in open conflict. Ukrainian drones have repeatedly attacked Russian oil refineries. And OPEC continues to hold back oil supply.

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‘Students are scared.’ Columbia crisis spirals as tensions simmer and protests continue

The turmoil at Columbia University ramped up on Monday as simmering tensions on campus halted in-person classes and officials scrambled to ease security fears. The Ivy League school has become the epicenter of unrest on US college campuses, turmoil that spread to Yale University, where dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested Monday.

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Truth Social owner Trump Media will begin trading Tuesday as the merger closes

Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology Group announced Monday its merger with a publicly traded shell company has closed and trading will begin on the stock market on Tuesday.

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Gas prices surge to four-month highs - don’t panic

Prices at the pump are rising fast — and it’s not even spring.

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Congress demands MIT submit trove of documents in antisemitism probe

The Congressional committee investigating campus antisemitism sent a letter to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday seeking a wide range of documents on how the school is protecting Jewish students.

The two-letter word helping this lender buck the delinquency storm

Americans are increasingly falling behind on their credit card bills and car loans as years of high inflation take their toll.

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Janet Yellen will never forget’ scramble to prevent bank run after Silicon Valley Bank implosion

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen detailed on Tuesday the scramble by US officials last March to prevent the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank from infecting the broader economy.

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