Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation today unveiled the ‘Active Air Skirt’

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Hyundai and Rhizome Collaborate to Unveil the Future of Art and Technology with 'Seven on Seven' (7x7) Relaunch

Iconic Program Returns with a Focus on Artificial Intelligence, Uniting Visionary Artists and Technologists

Hyundai Motor continues partnership with Rhizome of the New Museum for the 2024 edition of ‘Seven on Seven’ (7x7), the iconic art and technology program 7x7 pairs artists with technologists to make something new, with the results presented at a public conference on January 27 at the New Museum The partnership highlights Hyundai Motor’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity, with this year’s program exploring AI’s impact on various aspects of life

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Hyundai and Kia Unveil Groundbreaking 'Active Air Skirt' Technology for Enhanced Electric Vehicle Performance

Pioneering Aerodynamic Innovation to Boost Driving Range and Stability in EVs

AAS technology controls the turbulence generated during high-speed driving by operating variably depending on the vehicle’s speed Installed between the front bumper and the front wheels, AAS is hidden during normal operation but operates at speeds over 80 km/h when the aerodynamic resistance becomes greater than the air resistance and is stored again at 70 km/h Taking into account the specificity of the E-GMP platform, it is positioned only in front of the tires without completely covering the front end Aerodynamic enhancements of the technology increase downforce, which improves vehicle traction and high-speed stability As a result of being tested in the GV60, it is expected to reduce the drag coefficient by 2.8 percent and improve the driving range of electric vehicles