The Big 3 Visits the Big D!

Natasha Gransberry | 8/4/2017, 1:03 p.m.
Growing more and more in popularity, the Big 3 is basketball’s first four-point shot in 3-on-3 matchups. The winning team ...

Growing more and more in popularity, the Big 3 is basketball’s first four-point shot in 3-on-3 matchups. The winning team is the first to score 60 points according to the Big3 website. The games highlight the biggest basketball superstars at their highest level of play. Games are played every Sunday in a different city, in a quadruple header at the same venue.

When the Big 3 came to the Big D I was ready and so were the rest of the fans. They say everything is bigger in Texas and fans showed The Big 3 just how true that was for Texans. Fans stood in line up to two hours before tip off with anticipation of the excitement of the Big 3 coming to their city. Once the doors finally opened, the fans flooded the arena in different directions to grab Big 3 merchandise, eye their seats and look at their favorite players warm up before the game.


The Killer 3s were a sight to see from court introductions to the final shot that sealed the game. It was awesome to see Player Captain Chauncey Billups after his two game absence return and remind the fans why he is Mr. Big Shot. His four-point shot gave his team their first lead of the game. Stephen “Stak” Jackson and Charles Oakley gave the fans a little excitement with their on-court dispute. However, both stated in the press conference their mutual respect for one another and love of wanting to get the win. Stak made it clear he was trying to get back into the NBA. His performance on Sunday showed that his words match his actions. The big winners for the Killer 3s went to Reggie Evans with 15 points and Stak with 23 points that contributed to the team’s final score 50-40 in favor of the Killer 3s.


The 3-headed monsters led by Houston native Rashad Lewis put on a great show in his home state Sunday. Another close game between Tri-state and 3-headed monsters went back and forth with over 6 lead changes during just the first half of the game. However, Big3 Coach Gary Peyton must have wanted to clinch his playoff spot as his team went on 10-4 sealing the win with free throws by Lewis. Sharpshooter Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf also contributed greatly for the win.


Trilogy’s co-captain and Dallas native Kenyon Martin made his hometown showing with a win and special presentation by the city of Dallas. The first half of the game was pretty evenly scored. By halftime this game was shaping up to be a great battle with the score being 25-20. Things became interesting in the second half when the game score was 33-30 but after an 18-6 run by Trilogy the win was sealed with a 3-point shot. Ghost Ballers Captain Michael Bibby finished with 16 points but he will need more if these two teams meet in the playoffs. Trilogy is the only undefeated team and guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Trilogy co-caption and Dallas native Kenyon Martin even received a surprise accommodation from the city.