Even wealthy Americans are struggling to make ends meet

About one in three Americans making six-figure salaries are worried about paying their bills, according to a new survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Mayor Whitmire Charts Course with FY '25 City of Houston Budget Proposal

Mayor John Whitmire of Houston has unveiled his vision for the city's fiscal year 2025 budget, heralding a bold plan that navigates the complexities of inherited financial deficits while prioritizing operational efficiencies and public safety needs. In a resolute stance, …

Tesla’s Berlin plant shut after arson attack on electricity pylon - far-left group claims responsibility

A group of far-left activists has claimed it was behind an arson attack on a high-voltage electricity pylon Tuesday that cut off the power supply to Tesla’s factory in Germany.

Bitcoin surges to new record high; mainstream money flows into crypto

Bitcoin surged to an all-time high Tuesday, shaking off a more-than-two-year rut that had put the future of the entire crypto ecosystem in question.

It’s leap day, also known this year as a regular workday.

If you have a job, you’re likely not working for free. In fact, when you were hired, you agreed to work for a given amount of pay over the course of a year, which you assumed meant 365 days.

Blocking Kroger’s mega-merger with Albertsons won’t save your local grocery store

Citing higher prices and weaker competition, the US government sued to block Kroger and Albertsons’ $25 billion mega-merger Monday. But scuttling the deal isn’t a given – and even if it’s ultimately dismantled, keeping the supermarket chains separate may not …

Meta stock makes record surge - Mark Zuckerberg makes $29 billion

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth increased by more than $29 billion between your morning coffee and your lunch break.

US economy adds 353,000 jobs in January; 2024 starts with a bang

The US economy added a stunning 353,000 jobs last month, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Friday, registering a stronger-than expected gain to kick off 2024.

Tesla recalling 2.2 million vehicles for too-small warning lights

Tesla is recalling 2.2 million of its vehicles on US roads because the font size of the warning lights on its display is too small, according to federal safety regulators.

Houston Tax Expert Reveals 5 Essential Prep Tips for Tax Season

Tax season officially opens today, January 29, 2024, and while most may not be prepared to file returns yet, early preparation can save money and alleviate stress before the filing deadline in April.

US economy grew at shocking pace in fourth quarter

The US economy remained shockingly robust in the fourth quarter to close out a remarkably strong 2023 as consumers and businesses continued to spend, crushing expectations of a recession.

More-than- $3 million Microsoft - second company to break threshold

Microsoft became the second-ever company worth $3 trillion on Wednesday as the artificial intelligence boom sent shares of the company’s stock soaring higher.

Here’s why it may be harder to find a job online

The US economic picture of the last few years has been defined by an ultra-strong labor market. But new online job posting data suggests a possible slowdown: Total job postings on online job site Indeed have fallen more than 15% …

What broke the American Dream for Millennials

Rachael Gambino and Garrett Mazzeo planned their financial life by the book: They went to college, paid down debt, saved aggressively, got married, bought a house, started a family. The dream.

Biden proposes rule that could save consumers $3.5 billion annual bank fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday said it is proposing a rule that would curb excessive overdraft fees charged to customers of large banks and credit unions, potentially saving consumers as much as $3.5 billion a year.