National Urban League Partnership With Wells Fargo Aims to Diversity Home Appraisal Industry

Today the National Urban League and Wells Fargo announced a $5 million grant to create the Diverse Appraiser Initiative, a new program that aims to increase diversity and reduce barriers to entry in the home appraisal industry.

EV tax credits just got totally revamped. Here's what car buyers need to know

The newly signed Inflation Reduction Act will have big implications for electric vehicle buyers. Some popular electric vehicles may become eligible for a tax credit once again, while other cars that were eligible this month will not be for the ...

What Consumers Need to Know About the Future of In-Person Banking

From digital payments to video banking, the way consumers conduct basic financial transactions has changed substantially throughout the past decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the trend toward digital banking. However, brick-and-mortar bank branches continue to play an ...

Warren Buffett's company lost $44 billion last quarter, but it's not really bad news

Warren Buffett is just like the rest of us. He got crushed by the plunge in the stock market during the first half of the year. But the Oracle of Omaha is undeterred by the wildness on Wall Street. Berkshire ...

Opinion: Crypto can't rely on the government to save it from itself

Cryptocurrency is having an existential crisis. Last month, crypto lender Celsius filed for bankruptcy protection. It has frozen withdrawals since June 12, and it's unclear if or when customers will get their money back. But Celsius is just one domino ...

Fed makes history with second massive rate hike in as many months

What seemed unfathomable just six months ago -- a 75-basis-point rate hike by the Federal Reserve -- has now happened twice in a row.

What the Fed rate hike means for you

The Federal Reserve is stepping up its war on inflation. That means borrowing costs are going sharply higher for families and businesses.

$15 million Veteran Loan Fund closes its first round with support from Wells Fargo

The Veteran Loan Fund announced today that is has raised $15 million in support of veteran-owned business, including seed funding from Wells Fargo. The Veteran Loan Fund is a collaborative effort by a national network of Specialized Service Organizations and ...

Here's how to protect your money from a potential recession

Whether or not the US economy falls into an official recession, there are still plenty of difficult financial and economic factors hitting investors and consumers.

Amegy Bank Announces the Promotion of Diane Maben to Chief Operating Officer

Amegy Bank named Diane Maben as its Chief Operating Officer earlier this month. Maben was promoted to this newly created position after serving as Amegy’s Executive Vice President and Manager of Administrative Services. In her role, she will continue to ...

7 tips for budgeting during inflation

Gas prices are high. Food costs are rising. Everything is going up and it's all due to inflation. While the war in Ukraine was the catalyst for prices to go soaring, the domino effect only seems to get worse. Experts ...

Agility Bank Opens as First Minority Depository Institution in the U.S. Primarily Owned and Led by Women--But Serving All

Agility Bank, N.A. announced that it has received all regulatory approvals to open as the first bank in the U.S. primarily owned and led by women under a special charter by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Through ...

'Benjamin Franklin' offers Ken Burns' latest deep dive into US history

There's something comforting about Ken Burns' PBS documentaries dealing with subjects that predate video, since the filmmaker, unlike most of the industry, eschews dramatic reenactments in favor of a low-tech approach. Enter "Benjamin Franklin," four hours devoted to the Founding ...

No end to the worker shortage: America had 11.3 million jobs available in January

America's worker shortage is far from over: In January, the nation had 11.3 million jobs to fill and not enough workers to do so, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dow jumps more than 600 points after four-day losing streak

-Stocks surged Wednesday morning as investors celebrated a drop in crude oil prices.