T-Mobile Fires Back After Verizon Unlimited Data Announcement

Verizon has joined the rest of its rivals offering consumers unlimited data plans. And Wall Street smells a price war as Bellevue-based T-Mobile has fired back.

Want To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half? Take These 3 Steps

Is half of your paycheck going to groceries each month? It doesn't have to.

Here Are The Catches In Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan

You can't ever read the fine print too carefully, and that is also the case with Verizon's new unlimited data plan.

Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexism allegations

Uber is scrambling to repair its image after a former engineer published bombshell allegations of sexism within the company. Now, it has hired one of the nation's most well-known attorneys to investigate the claims.

You Can Now Buy Snapchat Spectacles Online

You no longer have to find a special vending machine to get your hands on a pair of Snapchatting sunglasses.

Trump Has 3,643 Websites That Range From To

Donald Trump has a vast online portfolio of domain names -- digital addresses that foreshadowed his political career, business projects and accusations of unethical behavior.

Uber CEO Orders 'Urgent' Investigation After Sex Harassment Allegations

Susan Fowler, an engineer who published a blog post on Sunday detailing her experience at Uber, claimed the company refused to do more than issue a warning to a superior after she and other women complained about sexual harassment.

Sunnyside, South Park Neighborhoods Fight Gentrification

Activists with the "T.R.I.L.L. Collective" --- which they say stands for Truth, Relevance, Intelligence, Leadership and Love -- urge residents in Houston’s Sunnyside and South Park neighborhoods to hold on to their properties.

UPS Honors Texas Drivers For 25 Years of Safe Driving

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced that 124 elite drivers from Texas are among 1,575 newly inducted worldwide into the Circle of Honor, an honorary organization for UPS drivers who have achieved 25 or more years of accident-free driving.

Three Ways Republicans Want To Replace Obamacare

House GOP members met Thursday to hear more from committee leaders about efforts to replace the massive health reform law. In a presentation, Representatives Greg Walden of Oregon and Kevin Brady of Texas explained how the party wants to overhaul ...

Sprint Returns Fire, Ups Its Unlimited Plan

On Thursday, the nation's No. 4 carrier announced a fresh deal to draw in new customers, upping its previous offer of five lines with unlimited data, for $90. The new offer will now include high-definition video streaming and 10GB of ...

Snapchat's Pitch To Investors: 'Bigger Isn't Better'

Snapchat's parent company has an unusual pitch for a tech IPO: Size doesn't matter.

There's One Thing Going Right For Trump

A slew of economic data came out this week. Almost all of it was positive. Americans are still going to stores and spending big (retail sales came in better than expected for January). They're also buying houses. And cars. And ...

New Apps Can Prevent Robocalls To Your Cell Phone

Automated telemarketing calls, or robocalls, to our cell phones, have become one of the biggest consumer complaints to the FTC this new year.

Facebook Is Playing An Increasingly Important Role In Activism

It's clear that Facebook played a big role in mobilizing people to participate in the global Women's March last month. And now researchers have determined just how much of an impact the social network had.