New Bill Could Allow SNAP Benefits to Be Used for Fast Food

There is a new bill working its way through the Statehouse to allow people to use food stamps to buy fast food. Right now, you can only use that money to buy groceries at a store or farmer’s market but ...

Puzzling Number Of Men Tied To Ferguson Protests Have Died

Two young men were found dead inside torched cars. Three others died of apparent suicides. Another collapsed on a bus, his death ruled an overdose

Black, Hispanics Drivers in Austin More Likely to be Searched

A racial profiling report released by Austin police shows that Black and Hispanic drivers pulled over in traffic stops were more than twice as likely to be searched than their White counterparts. The report, reflecting data for 2018, shows officers ...

Bronx Students Protesting for Change Declare Victory After Three-Day Lockout

According to bronx.news12.com, after days of students protesting for change at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Bronx, NY, their lockout of administration has ended in victory.

New School Curriculum Requires Students to 'Rent' Their Desk with Pretend Money

A new money-management curriculum at an elementary school in Washington has left parents concerned. This curriculum requires its students to 'rent' their desks and 'buy' bathroom passes using classroom currency.

Fifth Ward’s Julia C. Hester House Celebrates 75th Jubilee

One of the most historically significant institutions in Houston’s Fifth Ward is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a community jubilee festival on Saturday, March 23rd.

Aiming to Diversify Workforce, Goldman Sachs Sets Targets for Latino, Black Hires

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is setting targets for hiring minority groups for the first time as it ramps up efforts to diversify its workforce, according to a memo sent by top executives to employees.

HBCU Spotlight: St. Phillip’s College and Paul Quinn College

We continue our series highlighting the Historical Black Colleges and Universities in Texas. This week we spotlight St. Phillip’s College and Paul Quinn College.

Democrats Are Taking Reparations Seriously -- And That's a Big Deal

There is now a bright, and important, marker in the reparations debate. In 1988, Jesse Jackson made reparations part of his campaign platform.

Kamala Harris to Visit a Critical County in First Texas Visit

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is making her first campaign trip to Texas this week, heading straight to a county Republicans are worried about protecting in 2020.

Houston Municipal Courts Kick Off Amnesty Program

ABC13 reports if you have a warrant for failure to appear at Houston Municipal Court, there's a way out.

Mayor Turner to Implement Prop B for Houston Firefighters, Warns of Layoffs

KHOU is reporting that Mayor Sylvester Turner announced he is finally giving Houston firefighters the raise they have been fighting for.

Now Is the Time for Citizens of Conscience to Act

Racism is not natural. Babies -- black, brown, white -- explore the world and each other with wonder, not hate. Racism has to be taught. It is learned behavior. To assume that a person is inherently superior or inferior to ...

Texas Lawmakers Weigh Raising Minimum Age for Tobacco Use to 21

A proposed law would make it harder for Texas teens to buy tobacco. Senate Bill 21 would raise the minimum age for tobacco use from 18 to 21.

A Defining Moment In History For Black Women ...

Startup & THRIVE! is the new social impact accelerator and emerging venture capital fund, that is planning to host its first, Startup & THRIVE! Wealth Building Week this Fall in Philadelphia from September 16 – 21, 2019. The 6-day event ...