It’s Official: Adrian Garcia Wins Election for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Former County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has been elected Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 2. After a protracted vote count, Commissioners Court certified the election results today.

Texas Education Board to Keep Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller in Curriculum

After more than 10 hours of discussion and public input, the Texas State Board of Education on Tuesday tentatively agreed to keep Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller in the state’s social studies curriculum.

Black Texas College Student Has Police Called On Her by Professor, Prompting Investigation

A black student at the University of Texas at San Antonio had police called on her by a white professor after she had put her feet up on one of the classroom chairs, students and school officials said.

Busted! Police Give White Women A Free Pass On Wearing Hoodies But Kicked Out Black Teens

The police always deny that they have a racial double standard, but an experiment at a Tennessee mall tells a different story. A social media post from four white women on Saturday exposed the Memphis Police and the Shelby County ...

3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Want to give back this holiday season? There are many ways to get into the charitable spirit. And if you need some inspiration for how to go about benefitting those in your local and global community, consider the following ideas.

Kristine E. Guillaume Elected 1st Black Woman President in Harvard Student Newspaper’s 145-Year History

The Harvard Crimson, Harvard College’s daily newspaper, recently reported that Kristine E. Guillaume, Class of 2020, was elected to lead the 146th Guard as the paper’s President. Guillaume is the first black woman to serve as President of The Crimson ...

Memories of Jonestown Massacre Still Haunting During 40th Anniversary Memorial

The church building at 1859 Geary Street in San Francisco was in its earlier days festive, vibrant and joyous. Like a cultural hub, there was often plenty of dancing, entertainment; even skits, plays; lots of food and toys for the ...

2018 Midterms Update: What Has Changed Since Election Night

The state of play in key races has shifted since election night almost one week ago, offering a different picture of where the balance of power will stand in Washington come January.

Bernie Sanders unveils Stop Walmart Act

Fresh off a campaign to get Amazon to raise its minimum wage, Senator Bernie Sanders is now shining his progressive spotlight on Walmart.

Melania Trump is not surprised by cyberbullying initiative 'ridicule'

First lady Melania Trump said it was not surprising to her that people "ridicule" her for speaking out on cyberbullying, "and that's OK."

Marcia Fudge bolstered by encouragement to run for speaker, but remains undecided

Marcia Fudge, the Democratic congresswoman from Ohio who may be launching a bid against Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House, told CNN on Thursday that she is undecided about her bid, but seems bolstered by the outreach she's receiving.

House Democrats Need to Lay Down Agenda for Change

With majority control in the House of Representatives, Democrats have an enormous opportunity -- and face a distinct peril.

Couple, homeless man accused of setting up GoFundMe campaign 'predicated on a lie'

A New Jersey couple and a homeless man have been accused of making up a feel-good story that raised more than $400,000 through GoFundMe.

Pence drops key US demand for Trump-Kim summit

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that the US will not require North Korea to provide a full list of its nuclear and missile sites before President Donald Trump meets with dictator Kim Jong Un for a second summit slated ...

O'Rourke, Cruz pose for photo during chance post-election encounter

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Beto O'Rourke met during a chance encounter at a Texas airport this week, where the two reportedly exchanged kind words and discussed how they could "move forward" together just days after a highly contentious ...