“Superfandom: How Our Obsessions Are Changing What We Buy and Who We"

Collect them all. Those three words put a smile on every marketer’s face and fear in every parent’s heart. “Collect them all,” as you may remember, was kid-code for “bug your parents until they buy stuff,” making you the envy ...

Books n Bros: African-American Boy Starts Book Club for Kids Like Him

Sidney Keys III has always loved to read. But at his school library, the 11-year-old noticed a void of books about kids like himself.

Gabrielle Union’s New Book Is About ‘The Good, The Bad, And The WTF’

The Being Mary Jane star recently shared with PEOPLE the cover to her upcoming book perfectly titled: We’re Going To Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True (Dey Street Books).

“Finding Gideon” by Eric Jerome Dickey

It wasn’t where you put it down.

“Early Sunday Morning” by Denene Millner

Each Sunday, your family has a routine they follow. Everyone gets up early to the smells of a good breakfast that Mama makes; she serves all your favorites before you go to church to raise your voice and praise God. ...

‘Dating in the Age of Narcissism: A Single Woman’s Survival Guide’ Review

Have you ever heard a parent say, “Do as I say and not as I do?” I’m sort of like that as a writer. I am constantly telling people to leave reviews on my books or articles but I can’t ...

Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Adair on ’21 Ways to Get Over It’

A multiple best-selling author, publisher, speaker, and “Empowerologist,” affectionately known as “Dr. Adair,” is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to move toward positive change, become resilient, and to bounce back after hitting rock bottom. Dr. Adair ...

9-Year-Old Houston Author Has Best-Selling Book

The book "Sydney Sunshine and the Not-So-Magic-Mirror" came out about two months ago.

Bill Cosby's 'Little Bill' Books Targeted for Censorship, Library Group Says

Embattled comedian Bill Cosby's award-winning children's books series has landed on the American Library Association's list of top 10 books targeted for removal from school libraries.

Live The Life You Want Now And In The Future

Al Zdenek noticed early in his career that his clients, and people in general, had not received a good financial education and had not surrounded themselves with the best advisors. As a result, they were not making the best financial ...

“The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work” by Jody J. Foster, MD MBA with Michelle Joy, MD

Your co-worker is an idiot. All day long, he’s blah-blah-blah, telling you how great he is, the coolest guy ever. If you’ve done something, he’s done it better. Twice. You’d love it if the boss fired the jerk, but then ...

From Interviewing to Interning: How to Land Your Dream Internship in Ten Simple Steps

If you're a college student, you probably already understand the extreme importance of internships. They are crucial for cultivating industry relationships, gaining on-the-job experience, and getting a real-life sense of what it's like to work in your desired field. But ...

Your boss is a VIP: a Very Important Person. Nothing gets done without approval from the Executive Suite and nothing is unnoticed; there’s a finger on the pulse of your company at all times, which is probably how The Boss ...

Former NAACP Leader Who Lied About Her Race Says in New Book, “I was ‘Too Black’ for My Husband”

Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader from Spokane, Washington who pretended to be Black although she is really white, says in her new book that her first marriage to an African American man ended because she was “too black” for ...

Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’ To Become Kids’ Book

Once upon a time not long ago, Slick Rick‘s Children’s Story became one of the greatest tracks in hip-hop.