“I’m Not Really a Waitress” by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

You’d get it right someday. At about the second week of starting a business, that may’ve been your thought. Rookie mistakes had been made, long nights were spent, but you still had confidence to hang in there. Says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann ...

“You Can’t Go Wrong Doing Right: How a Child of Poverty Rose to the White House and Helped Change the World” by Robert J. Brown

Do unto others. Three words that are a shorthand reminder to be nice and treat people in the manner that you’d want to be treated. Do unto others and make life smoother. Be good, and be of service because, as ...

Where God And The Art Collides: A Conversation With A North Houston Faith Leader Who Has A Special Heart For All Things Creative

“You have a creative something in you to make your own way...” - Courtney Grear

“Inventing Victoria” by Tonya Bolden

You can be anything you want to be! That’s what you were told, growing up: you could do anything, try everything, and be anybody you wanted to be, if you tried. Set your sights on something, and it was yours ...

“Brown White Black: An American Family at the Intersection of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion” by Nishta Mehra

Column A or Column B? Truth is, you don’t fit in either. You’re unique, from your toes to your hair, inside and out. People can try to categorize you, but it just won’t work. As you’ll see in the new ...

“Good Kids, Bad City” by Kyle Swenson

Your hands were clean. Freshly washed, not a speck of dirt, they were as clean as your conscience. You did no wrong; instead, you promoted what was good and right. But in “Good Kids, Bad City” by Kyle Swenson, past ...

“Triple Threat” by Camryn King

You dig, and you dig, and you dig.

“Aging Thoughtfully: Conversations about Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles, & Regret” by Martha C. Nussbaum & Saul Levmore

Kicking and screaming. That’s how you’ll go into your twilight years: the calendar might say one thing but you’re not going to pay it any mind. There’s still a lot of pep in your step so shouldn’t, as in the ...

“Dead on Arrival” by Kiki Swinson

You want that.

“A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing” by DaMaris B. Hill

Hands on the wheel. Hands on the hood, in the air, on the wall, on the ground. No sudden moves, no waving “hey” or scratching your nose, and don’t reach for a thing. Hands up – although, as you’ll read ...

“Stop That Yawn!” by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

“I’m not tired!” That’s what you might say when it’s time for bed. You want to stay awake for awhile.

“Blended” by Sharon M. Draper

One plus one is two. It’s simple: all you have to do is add or count, easy-peasy, a trick you probably learned shortly after you could talk. One plus one is two but as you grow up, you’ll notice that ...

You've resolved to read more in the new year. Here's where to start

t's a new year. You need some new books. But which ones? Hundreds of thousands of titles are published every year, and unless you're plowing through a favorite author's oeuvre, it can be hard to figure out which are worth ...

Top Five Books You Need to Push You Into 2019

These five books will give you the internal power to push you in the direction of making 2019 a successful year in so many ways.