New Bill Could Allow SNAP Benefits to Be Used for Fast Food

There is a new bill working its way through the Statehouse to allow people to use food stamps to buy fast food. Right now, you can only use that money to buy groceries at a store or farmer’s market but ...

Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell trait is an inherited blood disorder that affects 1 million to 3 million Americans with 8 to 10 percent of them being Black. The disease is caused by a single mutation in one gene and mainly occurs in ...

Keep Cool On the Grill

Keep your kitchen cool and comfortable with grilled meals that banish the heat to the outdoors. Crisp, fresh greens and a perfect blend of spices and savory ingredients make each of these refreshing dishes perfect solutions for toasty days.

40% of people with HIV transmit most new infections in the US, a new analysis says. Here's the plan to stop the spread

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Monday detailed its new initiative to reduce new human immunodeficiency virus infections in the United States by at least 90% over 10 years.

How to Create a Smoky Cubano Sandwich

For flavor fans, there is nearly no better combo than the complementary tastes in a Cubano sandwich. Complete with layers of roast pork, ham, soft swiss cheese, mustard and topped with tangy pickles, all the flavors and textures play in ...

At South by Southwest, H-E-B Throws a Dinner in Disguise

South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, has become a mecca for influencers and innovation in all industries, and now we can add Texas favorite H-E-B to the list.

No link between diet and dementia? Not so fast

When it comes to diet and dementia, the research can seem like a mixed bag. Certain diets, like the Mediterranean diet, have sometimes been associated with better cognitive outcomes, but some studies have found no link between what people eat ...

Matching Donors

MatchingDonors is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and the nation’s largest living organ donor organization finding and registering living organ donors for people needing organ transplants in the United States.

Mariah's Restaurant Now Offering Online Ordering for Delivery to Home or Office

By taking advantage of this new online ordering offer, Mariah's patrons can get one free appetizer with any order, with the purchase of at least one entree. To receive the promotion, customers must enter the code "delivery."

Buffalo Wings & Rings Launches Menu for Lent for Lenten Season Beginning March 6

As many across the country are preparing to observe the Lenten season by abstaining from meat on Fridays, Cincinnati-based elevated sports restaurant Buffalo Wings & Rings is once again providing guests with a variety of delicious meat-free options. Beginning on ...

8th Annual Houston Kosher Chili Cookoff

The 8th Annual Kosher Chili Cookoff gathered the Houston Jewish community as well as our neighbors at Congregation Beth Yeshurun, regardless of affiliation. 30 local organizations and businesses fired up the competition with their unique kosher chili recipes each vying ...

The city trying to make better bagels than NYC

A search for the best pulled pork barbecue or biscuits and gravy are fine reasons to hop a flight to North Carolina, but if you're looking for a great New York-style bagel? Bless your heart.

Smoking during pregnancy doubles risk of sudden death for baby, study says

Smoking even one cigarette a day during pregnancy can double the chance of sudden unexpected death for your baby, according to a new study analyzing over 20 million births, including over 19,000 unexpected infant deaths.

It's not just measles: Tetanus, mumps and other vaccine-preventable diseases are still in the US

She walked into the emergency room with an infant in her arms. "My baby, please help my baby," she said between sobs. I followed her into the room and asked what her baby's name was and whether I could hold ...

Nearly 200 People in Texas Immigration Detention Facilities Have Contracted Mumps

Nearly 200 people at immigration detention facilities across Texas have contracted mumps since October, officials say. The 186 patients range from 13 to 66 years old, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Tuesday.