For Covid-19 vaccine recipients, CDC to roll out cell phone-based monitoring system

Once a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to monitor vaccine recipients for any health problems through text messages and online surveys, as part of a new program called V-SAFE.

Create Quality School Day Meals with Simple Shortcuts

The seemingly constant rush of hectic school days and nights often leaves busy families feeling like there’s no time for a homemade meal around the table. However, taking shortcuts that don’t skip out on quality can mean more time together ...

Halloween Recipe: Meringue Ghosts - A Frightfully Cute Halloween Treat

When you want to scare up a clever treat for Halloween, my Meringue Ghosts are just the trick! These little guys were a recipe in my first cookbook The Family Table, and they’ve been making an appearance almost every Halloween ...

Trump closes his campaign by insulting Fauci for telling the truth

President Donald Trump's election endgame argument, far from bristling with new solutions to a pandemic that has killed 220,000 Americans, on Monday devolved into a campaign of insults against Dr. Anthony Fauci -- for telling the truth about the disease.

Dunkin' adds a spicy donut for the first time ever

Dunkin' is adding its first-ever spicy donut, and it's spooky too. The Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut is described as a "deliciously daring donut." It's baked with a classic yeast dough and topped with strawberry icing that's mixed with a blend ...

Fauci says he's 'not going to walk away' as Trump revives criticism

President Donald Trump revived his public criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday morning, continuing his efforts to undermine the infectious disease expert even as the doctor said he's not going to bow to pressure.

A Focus on the Opioid Crisis that Ravaged America

With the growing awareness of the crisis of the opioid epidemic in our society, impactful measures are being implemented to curtail the growth of this phenomenon that has been linked to numerous overdoses, associated infections, and at unintentional deaths.

School District sued over alleged inappropriate behavior by volunteer soccer coach

The Lindbergh School District is now facing a lawsuit following accusations of inappropriate behavior by a soccer coach. The mother of a 12-year-old girl at the center of the lawsuit is speaking to News 4.

Houston Health Department, Greater Houston Restaurant Association launch food service training to help protect restaurant-goers during pandemic

The Houston Health Department and Greater Houston Restaurant Association are collaborating to protect the health and safety of restaurant-goers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the health department’s Better. Together. campaign, the agencies are launching a training program to ...

10% of the world may have been infected by Covid-19, WHO official says

The novel coronavirus may have infected about one in 10 people globally, meaning the majority of the world remains vulnerable to Covid-19, a World Health Organization official has said.

More Babies Born with Sickle Cell Disease in Greater Houston Area Than Other Regions of Texas

Approximately 70 babies per year in the Greater Houston area are born with the painful genetic disorder called sickle cell disease, more than any other region of Texas. Of the estimated 100,000 Americans living with the rare condition, approximately 7,000 ...

Here's what we know -- and what we don't -- about Trump's $200 drug discount cards

In his latest bid to show that he's lowering drug prices, President Donald Trump said Thursday -- less than six weeks before the election -- that he will send $200 drug discount cards to 33 million Americans on Medicare.

Top Universities Collaborate with Listeners On Call to Address Student Needs for Accessible Mental Health Support

Listeners On Call, the pioneer in Consumer Listening Services, partners with student body presidents of four top universities representing over 140,000 students, Texas A&M, Syracuse, Purdue, and Vanderbilt, to provide mental health and well-being support to students. The students can ...

Sickle Cell: Minimize Your Crisis by Staying One Step Ahead

When you are someone living with sickle cell disease, there are times in your life you go through tremendous pain…unbearable pain. You want to do everything you can to avoid that pain, that crisis.

Adding Fuel to the Fire of Our Pandemics

Nero, the Roman Emperor who legendarily fiddled while Rome burned is a symbol for an irresponsible, ineffective, and callous leader who shows indifference to people in crisis. The great Rome fire took place in the first century AD. The fiddle ...