Ukraine's culture minister slams 'Emily in Paris' for 'offensive' Ukrainian character

Ukraine's minister of culture has been watching Netflix series "Emily in Paris" -- and he's not happy.

Desmond Tutu, Anti-apartheid Leader and Voice of justice, Dead at 90

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Anglican cleric whose good humor, inspiring message and conscientious work for civil and human rights made him a revered leader during the struggle to end apartheid in his native South Africa, has died. ...

Biden hopes for Ukraine de-escalation in call with Putin

President Joe Biden will speak Thursday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the hopes of defusing an unremitting crisis on Russia's border with Ukraine.

Mourners pay tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu as his body lies in state

Mourners flocked to St. George's Cathedral in Cape Town on Thursday to pay their respects to anti-apartheid hero Archbishop Desmond Tutu as he lay in state in a simple pine coffin.

Fears of political violence rise as Somalia's president and prime minister jockey for power

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has suspended the powers of the prime minister amid an ongoing tussle for power, triggering calls for calm from the US and UK, and raising concerns of political violence.

1,450 Afghan kids were evacuated to the US without their parents. Some are still in limbo

An 8-year-old sobs every night after her aunt puts her to bed. A 17-year-old wakes up clutching his pillow and calling out his little brother's name.

As South Africa mourns Desmond Tutu, so do LGBTQ groups, Palestinians and climate activists

On Monday, cathedral bells tolled at midday in Cape Town as South Africa began a week of mourning for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who died on Sunday.

UK scrambles for booster shots and tests amid fears of Omicron 'tidal wave'

The United Kingdom's Covid-19 response was under pressure on Tuesday, with the National Health Service (NHS) website crashing due to demand for booster appointments, lateral flow test kits no longer available online and long queues at vaccination walk-in centers.

A key inflation measure just hit its highest level on record

A key inflation gauge showed that US prices continued to climb in November as pandemic-era supply chain chaos and a labor shortage continues.

Queens Man Returns from Historic Visit to Vatican

"We stand on the shoulders of so many people. I didn't see my trip to the Vatican as a victory lap, but a testimony of faith, said Don Victor Mooney".

Biden and Putin speak at a critical moment for Ukraine

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are speaking over a secure video call on Tuesday in what is expected to be a highly consequential meeting for the two leaders amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

US concerned that a Russian anti-satellite weapons test created a debris field in space

The US is concerned that Russia carried out a major anti-satellite weapons test over the weekend, two US officials told CNN. One of the officials said it may have created a potentially dangerous debris field in space.

Oil Tycoon and Entrepreneur to Celebrate Historical Chieftaincy Conferment as Atobaase of Yorubaland in Houston, Texas

Houston Investor and one of the world’s leading offshore production experts, Dr. Babajide Agunbiade, FNSE, and wife, Entrepreneur Mrs. Funke Agunbiade, were recently conferred with the title of His Majesty Atobaase and Her Majesty Yeye Atobaase of Yorubaland in Oyo ...

21-story building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria

People are feared to be trapped after a 21-story building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday.

Haiti gang wants $17M ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries

The gang that kidnapped a group of 17 American and Canadian missionaries in Haiti has asked for $1 million each for their release, a top Haitian official told CNN Tuesday.