Venice authorities investigate after canal turns fluorescent green

Venetian authorities are investigating after a patch of fluorescent green water appeared in the famed Grand Canal on Sunday morning.

Rare shooting and stabbing attack in Japan leaves three dead

A rare shooting and stabbing attack in Japan left three dead including two police officers, according to local police.

Turkish presidential candidate withdraws in potential boost for Erdogan rival

Turkish presidential candidate Muharrem Ince has pulled out of the race, in a potential boost to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, ahead of Sunday's vote.

Kyiv denies involvement in alleged Kremlin drone attack

Russia claimed Ukraine launched an attempt to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin with a drone strike on the Kremlin overnight on Wednesday, an extraordinary allegation that was met with forceful denials in Kyiv.

Post-Roe, abortion access has dropped in the US, but support has not, survey finds

The US Supreme Court decision that revoked the federal right to an abortion led to significant restrictions to abortion access, but hasn't affected public support, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

Kenya opposition leader calls for weekly protests after being tear-gassed by police

Kenyan opposition leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga has called for weekly nationwide protests against the high cost of living, in a brief address to demonstrators flanking his motorcade in Nairobi Monday.

China's Xi stresses close ties with 'dear friend' Putin during his first visit to Russia since Ukraine invasion

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have met at the Kremlin and touted the close ties and strategic visions shared by China and Russia, on the first day of a state visit framed by Beijing as a peacemaking project despite deep ...

Poland breaks with NATO allies by pledging to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Poland on Thursday pledged it would send four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, the first NATO member to do so, in a significant move in Kyiv's battle to resist Russia's onslaught.

Prince Edward, Archie and Lilibet granted new royal titles

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their first child, Archie, he wasn't granted a royal title. It's not clear whether one was offered by Queen Elizabeth II and refused, or not offered at all. But it raised eyebrows.

4 US citizens missing in Mexico were there for medical procedures and targeted by mistake, US official says

Four US citizens who were assaulted and kidnapped in northeastern Mexico on Friday are believed to have been targeted by mistake, a US official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN, adding the Americans were in Mexico for medical procedures, ...

Blinken tells UN Russia's crimes can't become the 'new normal' on Ukraine war anniversary

On the anniversary of the start of Russia's war against Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday called on the international community not to let Russian President Vladimir Putin's crimes "become our new normal" -- and seemed to ...

Biden set for latest symbolic clash with Putin after surprise Ukraine trip

The last time President Joe Biden spoke from the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Poland, the content of his 27-minute speech was mostly obscured by what he ad-libbed about Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end.

Police identify body of missing British mother Nicola Bulley

The body of missing British mother Nicola Bulley was identified by UK police on Monday, weeks after she disappeared while walking her dog in northern England in January.

Nigeria reissues old banknote as cash fiasco threatens to disrupt election

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday directed Nigeria's central bank to reissue old 200-naira ($0.43) banknotes withdrawn just days ago as concerns grow that the botched introduction of new money could disrupt general elections later this month.

A trio of new intrusions leaves America's leaders grasping for explanations

A deepening national security mystery is threatening a political storm after US fighter jets scrambled three days in a row to shoot down a trio of unidentified aerial objects high over the North American continent.