UK food supplies at risk as American CO2 provider shuts down due to soaring gas prices

UK supermarkets could face shortages of meat and other fresh food within weeks after soaring gas prices prompted a major US fertilizer manufacturer to suspend production, turning off most of Britain's supply of carbon dioxide to the food and drink ...

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits and Eviction Protections Have Expired. Here's What Federal Help Is Still Available

Americans are no longer protected from evictions or receiving beefed-up unemployment payments, but they are still benefiting from many other federal coronavirus rescue measures.

Women stage protest in Taliban-controlled Kabul

A group of Afghan women activists staged a small protest in Taliban-controlled Kabul Friday calling for equal rights and full participation in political life, CNN has confirmed.

Afghan refugee describes emotional journey to the US after fleeing Kabul: 'I left some of my family back there'

When Mohammed Iqbal Selanee and Josh Rodriguez hugged in Washington, DC, this week, it was an embrace years in the making.

Taliban members escorted Americans to gates at Kabul airport in secret arrangement with US

The US military negotiated a secret arrangement with the Taliban that resulted in members of the militant group escorting clusters of Americans to the gates of the Kabul airport as they sought to escape Afghanistan, two defense officials told CNN.

US troops, Afghans killed in suicide attacks outside Kabul airport

Twelve US service members and dozens of Afghans have been killed in two bombing attacks outside Kabul's airport, according to the Pentagon and Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health.

Afghan visa applicants told to stay away from Kabul airport as US races to meet exit deadline

Afghans who have applied for special immigrant visas to the US were told to stay away from Kabul's airport on Monday, as American officials ramped up evacuation flights and the Taliban said all US forces needed to leave Afghanistan by ...

‘We need help’: Haiti earthquake survivors lack food, shelter

Heavy rain from Tropical Storm Grace is forcing Haiti’s government to temporarily pause rescue efforts in the aftermath of a deadly weekend earthquake, which has left thousands of people homeless and in need of assistance across the country’s hard-hit southwest.

Afghans watch nervously as Taliban regime takes shape, and US and its allies continue frantic exit

Thousands of desperate Afghans remain stranded under Taliban rule in Kabul on Tuesday, as the US and its allies -- still frantically evacuating their personnel from the city's airport -- reckon with the sudden breakdown of their two-decade effort in ...

Jamaican Officials Set to Petition British Government for Slavery Reparations

Jamaican officials are set to petition the British government for slavery reparations, Essence reports.

Biden administration launching operation to help relocate Afghans who helped United States

The Biden administration is launching "Operation Allies Refuge," an effort to relocate thousands of Afghan interpreters and translators who worked for the United States throughout its nearly two-decade military campaign in Afghanistan and now fear for their safety.

Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender

Over clear but unsteady video, the words ring out: "Surrender, commandos, surrender." Several men emerge from a building; they are clearly unarmed.

Biden defends pulling US out of Afghanistan as Taliban advances: 'We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build'

President Joe Biden delivered a vehement defense Thursday of his decision to end the war in Afghanistan, insisting no amount of sustained American presence there could resolve the country's own intractable problems.

Biden to speak on Afghanistan amid US troop withdrawal and Taliban gains

President Joe Biden will receive an update Thursday on the swiftly concluding war in Afghanistan, where a near-complete withdrawal of American troops is coinciding with major Taliban gains.

North Koreans 'heartbroken' by Kim's purported weight loss, Pyongyang resident tells state media

North Korean state television aired an unusual interview Friday in which a Pyongyang resident said he and others living in the capital were "heartbroken" to see how much weight the country's leader Kim Jong Un had lost.