Kitchen Throwdown: The Ultimate battle between 2 All-pro NFL Player

Succulent, Aromatic, Smoky, Sensational, and Yummy, definitely not words synonymous with America's football frenzy and Super Bowl craze but one local firm; Boom Media and Image Consulting, is looking to change the game one pigskin at a time! We've watched ...

Former President George H.W. Bush to Be Moved Out of ICU

President George H.W. Bush will be moved out of the Houston Methodist Hospital Intensive Care Unit on Monday but he will remain in the hospital for now, his doctor said in a news conference.

Latina Woman Showing Beauty in Her Battle With Cancer

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Latina makeup instagrammer Amanda Ramirez as she battles cancer. T

New Year New You

Did you make your new year’s beauty resolution? Its a new year its time to embrace your enter beauty and realize beauty is revealed not applied. What’s the new look you have been thinking of? And you just haven't gotten ...

4 Ways to Stretch Your Health Benefits

Often, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events, sudden illness or serious health concerns that may result in expensive medical bills. Getting the most from your benefits requires understanding coverages and deductibles, as well as taking ...

Hispanic Dems Warn Latinos Will Be Hit Hard By Obamacare Repeal

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) warn that repealing ObamaCare without an appropriate replacement would disproportionately hurt Latino families.

Houstonian Ann Odogwu Could Be the Worst Cook in America

If you prepare every meal with scissors, cannot boil water, and consistently undercook pasta, because you don’t know when it’s done; in my view, you are the worst cook ever. After growing tired of the afore mentioned kitchen disasters, Ann ...

Texas Planned Parenthood Asks Judge to Block Medicaid Funding Cut

The leaders of Texas Planned Parenthood asked a federal judge on Tuesday to block the state's bid to halt Medicaid funding for the healthcare group, which has long been targeted by Republicans for providing abortions.

Bushes' Spokesman: George H.W., Barbara 'both on the upswing'

Former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush are "both on the upswing," Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath said Thursday, adding, "they may not be out of the woods yet, but we can see the edge of ...

‘Collateral’ Lethality May Offer New Therapeutic Approach for Cancers of the Pancreas, Stomach and Colon

Cancer cells often delete genes that normally suppress tumor formation. These deletions also may extend to neighboring genes, an event known as “collateral lethality,” which may create new options for development of therapies for several cancers.

Something Delicious Is Cooking in Houston

Do yourself a favor and, for a moment, put aside what you think you know about Houston.

Repealing Obamacare Without Replacement Would Strip 18 Million of Insurance: CBO

Repealing major Obamacare provisions without a replacement plan in place would quickly strip 18 million Americans of their insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report released Tuesday.

Music Industry Veteran Shanti Das Teams Up With the American Heart Association to Recruit Volunteer Ambassadors to Drive Healthy Living in Urban Communities

Music industry mogul Shanti Das and the American Heart Association are teaming up to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke, the social determinants of health and opportunities to become a volunteer ambassador for community change in honor of Martin ...

5 Tips to Stop Waking Up Exhausted

It’s no secret that finding time for the recommended eight hours of sleep is easier said than done. More often than not, your time asleep is limited by your busy schedule. If you are lucky enough to squeeze in a ...

Houston Marathon Organizers Urge Runners to Slow Down and Adjust Pace for Sunday's Race

With race day temperatures expected to reach 74 degrees and humidity exceeding 90 percent, officials of the Chevron Houston Marathon advise runners to exercise caution in Sunday's races.