FDA approves preventive migraine treatment

Migraine sufferers across the United States have their eyes on a newly approved drug that's offering hope for reducing the frequency of monthly migraine attacks.

To Cut Drug Prices, Start with the Facts

Americans are paying too much for prescription medicines. State lawmakers are fed up with Washington's apathy towards high pharmacy bills. So they're taking matters into their own hands and pushing forward with several bills.

5 Tips to Meal Prep Like a Pro

Dinner can be a daunting task for any family with multiple mouths to feed. Factor in complex schedules and individual tastes, and a family meal can become a stressful thought for home cooks.

Have You Thought About Seeing A Therapist?

“There’s a melancholy in me that never goes away. I’m 50% happy and 50% sad at any given moment.” – Billy Bob Thorton.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle asked an American bishop to preach at their wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have invited an American bishop to give the address at the royal wedding on May 19.

What we know -- and don't know -- about Melania Trump's procedure

President Donald Trump tweeted early Tuesday that first lady Melania Trump "is doing really well" and will leave the hospital in "2 or 3 days" following a procedure on Monday.

Meet the First Black Woman Owner and Operator of a Nationally Distributed Vodka

Vanessa Braxton is the owner and CEO of Black Momma Vodka, a company that offers various unique flavors of handcrafted, gluten-free vodka. As the first African-American woman to own a nationally distributed vodka, she stays true to her motto of ...

Black Woman From Canada Among One of the First Patients to be Cured of Sickle Cell Anemia

Revee Agyepong, a 26-year-old Black woman from Canada, has been the first adult to be cured of sickle cell anemia. Through a stem cell transplant and with the help of her loving sister and the doctors, she became the living ...

Walgreens to expand drug takeback initiative

In the first national effort of its kind by a retailer, Walgreens is working with AmerisourceBergen, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Pfizer, and Prime Therapeutics to expand its safe medication disposal program to 900 additional locations throughout the country. ...

Is your pharmacist under a 'gag rule' about drug prices?

Independent pharmacist Ira Katz has been serving the eclectic community of Little Five Points in Atlanta for 37 years. But it wasn't until Georgia passed a law last year banning "gag rules" that Katz could legally tell his patients they ...

He donated blood every week for 60 years and saved the lives of 2.4 million babies

Most people, when they retire, get a gold watch. James Harrison deserves so much more than that. Harrison, known as the "Man With the Golden Arm," has donated blood nearly every week for 60 years. After all those donations, the ...

More illnesses reported as salmonella outbreak traced to eggs grows

A salmonella outbreak that led to the recall of 207 million eggs has worsened -- with 35 people reported ill in several states, federal health officials said.

Her only chance at life is a new liver, but her insurer said no. Then she wrote a powerful plea to the CEO

All Erika Zak wants to do is play with her daughter on the playground. Take her to the zoo. Walk her to school. She's never been able to be the mother she longs to be.

US stillbirths and newborn deaths down 11.5%, study says

A recent drop in stillbirths and newborn deaths in the United States might be linked to an increase in term or near-term births, a new study suggests. The study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, looked at more than ...

WHO calls for elimination of trans fat in foods by 2023

The World Health Organization wants to eliminate artificial trans fats from the global food supply and has a step-by-step strategy on how to do so by 2023.