Amazon’s Voice-Activated Assistant Will Begin Delivering CPR Instructions

The American Heart Association’s International Stroke Conference has provided numerous research and consumer items for the general public. From items regarding African-American women at risk of heart disease facing far more loneliness than their white counterparts to Amazon’s Echo device ...

Food Stamps And Sweets: Should They Be Kept Apart?

The food-stamp program is credited with helping 44 million people in America afford groceries, providing what supporters say is a needed benefit for some of the country’s most vulnerable.

Preventing Cancer In Houston's Food Deserts

Cancer is a killer in African American communities. The death rate is highest among Blacks, according to the American Cancer Society.

Acupuncture Shows Promise In Migraine Treatment, Study Says

Faced with a growing demand for solutions, researchers, drug companies and medical providers have sought out new treatment options. A widening class of medications, devices and alternative therapies is presenting those who suffer from moderate to severe migraines with various ...

Brightwood College and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank Announce Spring Blood Drive March 6

February 20, 2017 – Brightwood College in Houston, in partnership with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank, will host a Spring Blood Drive Monday, March 6 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The public is invited to join the campus in ...

'Golden Girls'-Inspired Café Now Open

"Golden Girls" fans now have the perfect place to gather with pals and confidants.

7th Annual Houston Kosher Chili Cookoff Announces Official 2017 Sponsors

The 7th Annual Kosher Chili Cookoff is proud to announce its official 2017 sponsors for its annual community event on Sunday, February 26 at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center.

Adult ADHD Is More Common Than You Think

Goodall is diagnosed with a neurological condition known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, a condition that affects more than six million Americans, according to Dr. Deborah Pearson with UT Health Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.

The Many Reasons Behind The Increase In Twins

First Beyoncé and Jay Z, then Amal and George Clooney. It seems like twin pregnancy announcements are popping up everywhere. According to medical studies, it may not be a coincidence.

Three Ways Republicans Want To Replace Obamacare

House GOP members met Thursday to hear more from committee leaders about efforts to replace the massive health reform law. In a presentation, Representatives Greg Walden of Oregon and Kevin Brady of Texas explained how the party wants to overhaul ...

The Car Accident That Almost Ended My Life But Saved My Writing Career

For as long as I can remember I’ve told people that writing was the most important aspect of my life. No matter how much I loved my family, my woman, my life, they all revolved around writing.

Breathing Exercises for Asthma Relief & Stronger Lungs

Medical professionals are big on encouraging exercise as a way to improve heart function while also strengthening muscles for overall health. So why wouldn’t similar exercises apply to people living with asthma? There are breathing exercises that, like aerobic exercises, ...

Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine Partner for World's First Mezquila

Marking a first in the spirits industry, Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine announce the launch of Santo Mezquila, a premium blend of two distillates - 100% Blue Agave - commonly known as Tequila, and Espadin Agave, used to produce Mezcal. ...

H-E-B Leaders Visit University of Houston to Offer Guidance On Submitting Unique Products in Statewide Competition

H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best is visiting Houston on Thursday, February 23 to share insight with local food and beverage creators interested in participating in the 2017 statewide competition. Potential entrants are invited to meet with H-E-B leaders ...

Autism Predicted By Infant Brain Changes, Study Says

Overgrowth in brain volume during the first year of life forecasts whether a child at high risk of developing autism spectrum disorder is likely to receive a diagnosis at age 2, according to a small study published Wednesday in the ...