Tia Mowry’s Healthier Diet Changed Her Life

Tia Mowry-Hardrict is best known for her acting skills but over the last couple of years the Sister Sister alum has become a champion for healthier living.

Weekends Just Got ‘Egg-cellent’ at Maggiano’s Memorial City

More than likely you highly anticipate Fridays as much as we do. Why? For the weekend of course! And what does one do the best on weekends? Brunch! On behalf of Houston Style Magazine, I had the pleasure of sampling ...

Black Children in Houston at Higher Risk for Asthma

Black children are more than twice as likely to have asthma as white children, according to a new paper from sociologists at Rice University.

Blaming Feminism For Killing Relationships Is Basically Blaming Strong Women For Being Strong

Lately, I’ve been reading so many articles and think pieces about feminism and how it’s impacting women and relationships, especially in the black community. A lot of men and even women have concluded that if a woman is a feminist ...

Better Balance for Heart Health

When it comes to creating and maintaining healthy habits, all the admonishments to “stop this” and “don’t do that” can be overwhelming. While there are some things you do need to cut back on, finding better balance is the true ...

Woman Dies After Drinking Poisonous Herbal Tea

A woman died after consuming poisonous herbal tea purchased in San Francisco's Chinatown, public health officials there announced Monday. They're urging people to throw away tea purchased from Sun Wing Wo Trading Company.

9 Deaths and Rare Cancer Linked to Breast Implants, FDA Says

Nine deaths have been reported to the US Food and Drug Administration, stemming from a rare cancer that is associated with breast implants.

Grieving Father: 'I don't play Trump songs anymore'

Last year, Kraig Moss sold the equipment for his construction business in upstate New York and stopped making mortgage payments so he could follow Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

Which Republicans Are Opposing the Obamacare Repeal Bill?

The House Republican bill to repeal Obamacare hangs in a delicate balance as concerned GOP lawmakers publicly come out to express their opposition to the legislation.

Hospital Recommends Beyonce and ABBA for CPR Training

We always knew Missy Elliot's music would save lives one day, and this week New York Presbyterian Hospital confirmed our suspicions.

Risky Surgery Separates 10-month-old From Parasitic Twin

It was late January when Nancy Swabb found herself wanting to help a family across the Atlantic Ocean, in Cote d'Ivoire -- all because of a photo.

The Danger of Drinking Alcohol While Your Skin is Exposed to the Sun -- Many Blacks Still in Denial

Most skin cancers are caused by direct exposure to the UV rays in sunlight, according to the American Cancer Society. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can damage DNA in the cells in the body, which in turn may lead ...

Americans Divided Over GOP Health Care Bill, Kaiser Poll Finds

Although President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress promise that their plan will cover more people and cost less, nearly half of Americans don't believe it, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Wednesday.

70-Year-Old Woman Runs 7 Marathons On 7 Continents In 7 Days

Seventy-year-old Chau Smith wanted to challenge herself even further, so she decided to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. In January, the Missouri woman accomplished that goal.

How Democrats Will Use the GOP Health Care Bill Against Republicans in 2018

Democrats, armed with new numbers outlining the millions of Americans expected to be uninsured if the Republican health care plan goes into effect, are finally back on offense.