Midtown Houston Hosts Month-Long Culinary Series to Spotlight Local Restaurants

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/6/2017, 1:10 p.m.
On March 1, Midtown Houston kicked off eat IN midtown, a month-long culinary event offering residents a taste of the ...

Houston, TX, March 6, 2017 - On March 1, Midtown Houston kicked off eat IN midtown, a month-long culinary event offering residents a taste of the area in a cost-effective way. The participating bars and restaurants have donated gift cards to be distributed on social media between March 1 and 31 under the hashtag #eatINmidtown. Guests can expect a chance to sample the very best that Midtown has to offer with special pricing at restaurants such as Holley's Seafood Restaurant + Oyster Bar, Charivari Restaurant, Freshii, Weights + Measures, Laurenzos and the breakfast klub.

Midtown is home to 9,500 residents and organizers of eat IN midtown look forward to showcasing the diverse culinary and cultural offerings that are unique to the area. The wide array of options combined with the gift card giveaway is sure to delight restaurant-goers, regardless of the fare they find the most palate-pleasing. Midtown’s vibrant, growing social scene is largely due to redevelopment efforts focused on supporting the community. eat IN midtown will highlight the incredible menus of local restaurants, all in the spirit of the area’s developing vitality.

“The restaurant industry is unpredictable and full of ups and downs,” said Matt Thibodeaux, CEO of Midtown Houston. “This campaign is just one of many ways we are working directly with business owners to help maintain economic sustainability. There’s an abundance of world-class restaurants just waiting to be discovered by foodies and families alike. We want to ensure the community can enjoy them for years to come.”

Houston has long been considered a hotspot for international cuisine. From savory Italian cannelloni to delectable Cajun po’ boys, Houston is the place to be for true food connoisseurs and anyone who simply loves a satisfying, well-prepared meal. Nestled beside Greek, Lebanese and Brazilian establishments, diners will often find an equally delicious Japanese sushi bar, French brasserie or other multicultural kitchens. The Midtown dining experience acts as a microcosm of easily accessible flavors from around the world, conveniently located in Houston’s prospering urban locale.

“Our food is Portuguese – Tapas – and has Indian influence,” said Le Thau, manager of Oporto Fooding House & Wine. “We also have a lot of seafood-inspired dishes. I’m glad that people are willing to step outside the box to try new cuisines and explore in our city.”

The entire list of participating restaurants is available at www.midtownhouston.com/eatinmidtown.