Andre Johnson Becomes Houston Texans First Ring of Honor Inductee

Style Magazine Newswire | 11/22/2017, 9:23 a.m.
The Houston Texans said a huge ‘thank you’ to former player Andre Johnson by making him their first inductee into ...

The Houston Texans said a huge ‘thank you’ to former player Andre Johnson by making him their first inductee into the Texans Ring of Honor during this past Sunday’s home game. The former wide receiver spent 12 seasons with the team and signed a one-day contract on Wednesday, April 19 to officially retire as a member of the Texans. Johnson earned seven Pro Bowl berths with Houston and remains the team’s all-time leader in numerous categories, including receptions (1,012), receiving yards (13,597) and receiving touchdowns (64).

Throughout the week leading up to the game, the Texans hosted several events in honor of Johnson. On Tuesday, the City of Houston presented the former Texan with a proclamation proclaiming Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 as “Andre Johnson Day.” Later that evening, children from the Houston Texans YMCA hosted a retirement party for Johnson at Bowlmor Lanes along with current Texans players, Mascot TORO, Cheerleaders and Ambassador Chester Pitts. In partnership with Palais Royal, 80 lucky winners were selected to meet Johnson at NRG Stadium and receive an autograph and photo with the former Texans great.

Fans that attended this past Sunday’s game with the Texans facing off against the Cardinals received Andre Johnson Commemorative Placards. They were able to watch as Johnson took the field as the Homefield Advantage Captain and the Coin Toss Captain with Michael Glazer, CEO of Stage Stores. It was the culminating activity to a busy for the former Texans.

Before the Ring of Honor Ceremony Johnson had the opportunity to speak with the media about this whirlwind week, the honor by the Texans, and the impact he made on Houstonians.

Has this all kind of hit you now that from here on out, your name is going to be here at NRG Stadium in the Ring of Honor and that you will always be the first one?

Johnson: “Yeah. When we were doing the rehearsal yesterday, we were going through the things, they told me at the point I would turn around and see my name hung up. I actually saw there was like a black tarp or something over it yesterday. I turned around and I looked up and she told me where I would be looking and I saw the black thing up there and it just kind of hit me, I was like, ‘Wow, my name will be up there forever’. So I’m just kind of taking it all in.”

What has it been like for you to see this whole week what you mean to so many people in this town?

Johnson: “Well, I didn’t realize it until this week. I just did an interview outside and I was just telling them I didn’t realize what my play on the field, how much it affected so many people and just the things I did off the field. This week I’m really getting to see it, see how many people I was able to touch.”

Is this a day that when you started your career with the Texans, could you imagine that this day would come? Did you ever think it would be possible?

Johnson: “To be honest I never really thought about it. I just wanted to come here and play. Just do things the right way. I just wanted to be a good football player. I never said I wanted to go up in the Ring of Honor, never thought about it. I just wanted to come here and just do things the right way and just be a good football player.”

When you have been reminiscing with former teammates, what are some of the memories they have of you?

Johnson: “Everybody normally talks about the way I came to work every day and just what I did and the way I led by example. One guy brought up a story, and he was talking about Chris Myers was saying how people would say, ‘Andre doesn’t talk much. He does this, he does that.’ They said if you really know me, the three words you always hear: ‘That’s just ‘Dre.’ I thought that was actually pretty funny because I hear it all the time. But it was, like I said, it’s been a great few days.”