No One Has Done More For Dark Skin Than Activist Rashida Strober — 5 Books and an Upcoming One-Woman Play in Harlem on November 4th

Style Magazine Newswire | 10/11/2017, 7:29 a.m.
Nationwide — Get to know Rashida Strober, the world’s first dark skin activist and the inventor of dark skin activism. ...
Rashida Strober

A victim of what Rashida calls dark skin mental abuse she decided to release her story to the public for free. In 2006 she wrote the play turned audio book, A Dark Skin Girl’s Triumph: The Rashida Strober Story. The story details her struggles of overcoming poverty, homelessness and dark skin abuse to obtaining a Master’s degree from the University of South Florida. Sharing her personal story would not only be therapeutic for her but would also help others. A true pioneer, Rashida’s dark-skinned activism is the first of its kind. The world’s first dark skinned activist has created a new paradigm to eradicate dark skinned discrimination of all kinds. Since 98’ the dark-skinned activist has been relentlessly advocating for what she calls “dark skinned beauty equality” and “dark skin equality.” She’s appeared on TV, the cover of the Floridian, on countless international internet talk platforms and as the featured story for many newspapers. Her fans will tell you that they have never seen anyone advocate with such, passion and sincerity as Rashida does for dark skin.

Rashida also speaks to the youth and in her community about darkism. As a long time speaker at the Great American Teach-In, the queen of dark skin speaks to school aged children from kindergarten to 12th grade. She also lectures at churches and libraries and other community organizations. The queen of dark skin has also been counseling people on dark skin issues for years free of charge. From France to Africa to New York she receives messages from people asking for her help. She says the most rewarding part is helping people who confide in her about their dark-skinned struggles. They count on her to be there, listen and not pass judgment. They know that she truly understands because she’s been there. A fan recently contacted her telling her that he works in corporate America and takes her book, Darkism, with him to work daily as a source of inspiration.

The queen of dark skin will be appearing for the first time in Harlem, New York with her off Broadway production of the play, A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge. This is a one-woman show where Rashida plays 5 characters. The show will take place Saturday, November 4th at the Maysles Documentary Center located at 343 Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem.

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