Is Your Modern Lifestyle Depleting Your Vital Force? Five Ways to Restore Your Mitochondria and Safeguard Your Health

Style Magazine Newswire | 10/26/2017, 12:45 p.m.
What do busy lifestyles, environmental toxins, bad habits, and stress have in common? They're all wreaking havoc on your body ...

New York, NY (October 2017)—You're caught in a relentless cycle of depletion. Between the daily challenges of work, family, and taking care of yourself, you feel your energy and stamina dwindling, but you don't know how to stop it. Even worse, after years of frantically rushing from one place to the next and meeting deadlines, stopping long enough to scarf down some questionable fast food, and collapsing into bed each night, your hectic lifestyle feels normal. You worry: If I keep up this pace, I'll surely get sick...really sick.

The worst part is, you're right. Struggling through life, exhausted and depleted, is a recipe for certain illness. But Dr. Stephen Sinatra and spiritual counselor Tommy Rosa say there is a way to bring your body and spirit back into balance: Nurture your Vital Force.

"We are all born with an inner core energy called Vital Force that, when strong, leads to healing, good health, and overall well-being," says Dr. Sinatra, coauthor of Health Revelations from Heaven: 8 Divine Teachings from a Near-Death Experience (Rodale Books, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-635-65066-2, $14.99). "But if you don't nurture this energy, it can't sustain you. Many aspects of modern life destroy or weaken your Vital Force, and that's when you get sick."

What exactly is Vital Force? Well, it's called chi by the Chinese, ki by the Japanese, prana by Hindus, and breath of God by Hebrews and Christians. But when scientific types talk about Vital Force, they tend to focus on the mitochondria that produce it, explains Dr. Sinatra. Mitochondria are tiny cucumber-shaped power plants in cells that produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy of life. Our body must make ATP continuously or else we perish. But we store enough for only 8-10 heart beats.

Thousands of studies have now been published on the link between abnormal mitochondrial dynamics and their involvement in diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune conditions, cancer, heart disease, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even aging itself. More than 50 million people in the United States are said to be affected by conditions involved in mitochondria dysfunction.

Here's where things get interesting: Dr. Sinatra's coauthor, Mr. Rosa, learned about Vital Force during a life-altering near-death experience (NDE) following a terrible accident. During his stay in Heaven, eight revelations of good health were imprinted onto his psyche. These revelations dovetailed with the knowledge that Dr. Sinatra had already gained through his studies of scientifically and medically validated clinical research, as well as his own experiences as a cardiologist. Upon meeting Mr. Rosa at a lecture in 2010, the two friends began working together to uncover the science- and medical-inspired insights on Mr. Rosa's spiritual lessons.

"Every living thing is imbued with Vital Force at conception," says Dr. Sinatra. "It can also be called Life Force, General Vitality, or simply vibration. A person's Vital Force or vibration increases or decreases throughout that person's life based on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual choices that are made each day. The better the choices, the higher the vibration or Vital Force and the stronger and healthier you become."