Houston Parents: Your Child’s Back-to-School Checklists Should Include a Dental Visit

Making a Dental Visit Part of Your Child’s Back-to-School Checklist Can Lead to a Brighter Smile and a Brighter Future

Style Magazine Newswire | 8/7/2018, 2:54 p.m.
This August, as Houston families prepare for the upcoming school year, dentists and staff from national children’s dental provider Kool ...

HOUSTON – This August, as Houston families prepare for the upcoming school year, dentists and staff from national children’s dental provider Kool Smiles have an important reminder for parents: Remember to keep your kid’s teeth healthy this school year by scheduling a back-to-school dental appointment.

“Help ensure that your child is off to a healthy start this school year by making sure to schedule any health screenings and exams, including dental checkups,” said Dr. Dale Mayfield, Chief Dental Officer for Kool Smiles. “It is important to also remember that good dental health is closely tied to academic success, by visiting your local dentist your child can reinforce positive brushing and flossing habits, as well as address any potential dental health problems before the school year starts. Kool Smiles wants your child to start the school year off with an A in dental hygiene.”

According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the leading chronic disease among young children. Nationwide, about one in five children between the ages of five and 11 have untreated tooth decay and nearly 14% of kids ages 6-12 experienced a toothache within a six-month period. For children, untreated dental problems like tooth decay can lead to difficulty eating, speaking and sleeping, as well as poor nutrition, low self-esteem, and other health problems.

Children with poor dental health can face serious setbacks at school, including pain that can make it difficult to concentrate and learn. Several studies have shown that poor dental health is associated with lower grade point averages and more missed days at school. More than 51 million school hours are lost every year due to tooth decay.

Scheduling routine dental visits, practicing good oral healthcare at home and establishing healthy habits early on are the best ways to ensure a lifetime of happy smiles. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children see the dentist about every six months, starting when the first baby tooth appears.

If your child is due for a cleaning or oral exam, try and schedule your appointment before the school year begins. Scheduling your child’s dental appointments before the school year starts ensures that your child doesn’t miss school, and you don’t miss work!

To further ensure that children maintain healthy and happy smiles throughout the

school year, Kool Smiles dentists have the following tips for parents:

Schedule a Dental Visit: With all the commotion around the back-to-school season, it’s easy to forget to schedule a dental check-up for the kids. However, regular dental visits are an important part of preventive dental health. During the visit, a clinical dental team will likely clean your child’s teeth, check for cavities, and make sure your child is keeping up with his or her brushing and flossing habits.

Cut Down on Sugary Snacks and Drinks: Kids may have a sweet tooth, but all that sugar can damage your child’s teeth. During and after school hours, parents should moderate their kids’ intake of sugary foods, especially candy and soda. Instead suggest healthier snack options, like pretzels and flavored water.

Practice the 3-2-1 Rule: To keep kids’ teeth healthy between dental visits, families are encouraged to practice the 3-2-1 Rule at home: Eat three (3) healthy meals, brush two (2) times (morning and night), and floss at least one (1) time every day.

As a leading national children’s dental health provider in Houston, Kool Smiles' mission is to improve lives by providing high-quality dental care in a fun, compassionate environment. Kool Smiles dentists are proud to offer care to kids and adults with almost any insurance plan, including State Children's Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP), Medicaid and TRICARE.

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