Rising Pearland Track And Field Star Set to Defy All Odds at Junior Olympics

Style Magazine Newswire | 7/27/2018, 12:38 p.m.
It has been proven the brightest star in the galaxy is not the largest. Despite the size, it radiates with ...
Michaela McCall

It has been proven the brightest star in the galaxy is not the largest. Despite the size, it radiates with the most brilliant light. The basis of its strength evolves from within its own matter. In human terms, one would call it inner strength; true character or utter will. This description is perfectly fitting for rising Track and Field Star Michaela McCall. She has defied every imaginable statistic, study and/or opinion with her unparalleled speed, endurance and voracious desire to win medals in her sport. There are thousands of Olympic hopefuls in the world of track and field; all are vying to win medals. Despite grueling training and conditioning, few athletes realize their dreams. Michaela’s Coach Edmond Ewing (AKA: Coach E) of Pearland Track Xpress says; Track and Field competitors have immense speed or profound physical endurance. Rarely, if not at all, a coach finds an athlete like Michaela, who is gifted with both.

Michaela began her Track and Field career at six years old. Since then, she’s been known as a tenacious competitor with an indomitable spirit and unrelenting desire to win as many medals allowable. Coach E has been coaching Michaela since the onset and continues to coach her today. He was initially struck by Michaela’s ability at the age of five years old. Coach E met Michaela one day when her mother and two brothers were visiting the local track in their neighborhood. Michaela’s older brother was doing a practice run. Michaela mother encouraged her to catch him. Not only did Michaela catch her brother, she maintained his pace without tiring. Noticing the weight and height difference in both children, Coach E was astonished that 5-year-old Michaela could maintain her 9-year-old brother’s speed. Michaela’s brother was almost a foot and a half taller. This was the first sighting of Michaela’s competitive will, speed and endurance. Coach E knew he had a star on the rise and with her parent’s permission, began working with the budding phenom, the very next year.

Michaela grew up with two older brothers and 1 older sister. She is the youngest child and daughter of parents, Michael and Brenda McCall. Michael, an Aerospace Engineer and Brenda a Nurse Anesthetist, spend most of their time supporting and nurturing Michaela and her siblings’ pursuits. The story of Michaela’s track and field prowess began when she was a baby. Her parents said she was very small. However, they knew their daughter was destined for greatness. Michaela’s father Michael says, he prayed vigilantly over his daughter’s limbs as a baby; Asking God to bless her with growth and strength. He never imagined his prayers would be answered with the gift of Michaela’s incredible of speed and endurance.

After Michaela’s first year of competitive track and field, she qualified for the Junior Olympics at age seven. This was not an easy feat. She competed against 2000 athletes for one of the top 6 positions. During the competition, Michaela finished 11th out of 47 competitors in a 1500 meters race, with a time of 6:24. Upon achieving the first year of Junior Olympics, Michaela returned home with an unwavering quest to win medals. Coach E was astounded and motivated by her phenomenal spirit. He knew challenging Michaela’s (now known as Ma-Kay-Kay) training would catapult her into qualifying for the next competition. He often placed her with older children for training. Many of them were boys. Michaela found it to be of greater competition to work with them. When asked what motivated her to train with boys, Michaela said; “I go faster and I always beat them “.