Promising, New Web Series Empowers Black Actors & Women!

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/28/2018, 8:41 a.m.
The new web series Ashley’s World debuted online in February 2018. The dramedy follows the journey of Ashley, a young ...

New York City, NY, March 25, 2018 - The new web series Ashley’s World debuted online in February 2018. The dramedy follows the journey of Ashley, a young single mother who is fighting to overcome poverty and follow her dreams of becoming a professional, working actor while caring for her demanding, yet loving family.

The series, created and produced by Janelle Stein and Domingo Martin, takes place within the impoverished New York City housing projects in the Bronx. The lead character, Ashley lives in an all-female multi-generational household with her old school, conservative, eccentric mother and her rebellious teenage daughter, Penny.

The original story arc follows Ashley throughout her day as she tackles various obstacles in her personal life and acting career. Throughout the season, there are various themes explored such as subliminal racism, dating, parenthood and marijuana use. These thematic episodes introduce us to interesting characters such as Katelyn, the snobby bi-coastal actor; the fame driven producer, Steve; the unapologetic unconsciously offensive casting director, Olivia; and the no- good teenage boyfriend of Penny, Andre.

As a single mom of a budding adolescent and sole caregiver of her overbearing mom, Ashley’s pursuit of success is anything but easy. However, her resilience and tenacity are her saving graces. Is this enough to help her accomplish her goals or will the reality of her situation force her to relinquish her childhood dream and become more logical about her life?

“This is an important story that showcases a modern family unlike any other web series or television show”, says executive producer Janelle Stein. “Though the story is fictional, it is inspired by real circumstances in my life. It is reflective of many individuals in the urban community, the performing arts realm and young single mothers. Though we don’t often see some of these stories and characters, they do exist. We want to make sure they have a voice.”

“The episodes are bite-sized this season, so the viewers can become acquainted with the main characters. Season 2 of Ashley’s World is currently in pre-production, and will give more depth, layers, more drama. We’re so excited!” says Janelle. Watch the series now streaming on or on YouTube.