5 things for May 31: Russia investigation, journalist's faked death, Kim Kardashian West

CNN/Stylemagazine.com Newswire | 5/31/2018, 7:03 a.m.
If you have Amazon Prime, be prepared for that price hike people have been talking about -- it's happening soon ...
Harvey Weinstein


"After 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. Today, he lives in the White House."

Democratic House candidate Dan Helmer, whose election ad in Virginia comparing President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden is ruffling some feathers.


People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.

Three new Pokémon games are being released for Nintendo Switch.

Ah, just in time to be every kid's (and adult's) summer obsession.

Preacher asks followers for $54 million jet, says the Lord wants it for him.

And wouldn't you know, the Lord has really nice taste in planes.

How do plant-based milks (such as soy milk) stack up to the real thing?

Somehow, the term "plant-based milk" just doesn't really sell us.

Trump's new diet features fish instead of steak and half the amount of bread.

Finally, something all parties can agree on: That sounds depressing.

The makers of Ambien refuted Roseanne Barr's claim she was on the drug when she tweeted racist stuff, saying, "Racism is not a known side effect."

So we can put that theory -- to bed.


Literally just 12 minutes of corgi races

Look at those roly-poly sausages go! And they're so proud. Well done by all.