Buffalo Wings & Rings Launches Innovative New Drink Menu

Style Magazine Newswire | 11/27/2018, 3:07 p.m.
Buffalo Wings & Rings, a growing elevated sports restaurant franchise with more than 80 units globally, is pleased to announce …

Buffalo Wings & Rings, a growing elevated sports restaurant franchise with more than 80 units globally, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest drink menu featuring a number of creative new cocktails. The new drink menu is the result of a partnership with 30-year beverage industry expert Michael "Bumby" Bombard and his Straight Up Solutions company.

Buffalo Wings & Rings recognized a high demand for its cocktails from customers system-wide and worked with Bombard and his team to develop unique spins on the classics, with adventurous cocktails like the Chocolate Bacon Manhattan and the Ring-A-Rita. As a brand that is consistently looking for new ways to surprise and delight its customers, this innovative new menu is the latest initiative to stay ahead of consumer trends heading into 2019.

"There is so much opportunity with a brand like Buffalo Wings & Rings and we wanted to create simple drinks that can be replicated across the system but with a twist that is uniquely and boldly in line with the company's elevated experience and menu," said Bombard. "That can come in the form of garnishing the delicious Ring-A-Rita with an onion ring or with one of the incredible non-alcoholic drinks such as the Pop Rocking Lemonade featuring the fun of a lemon with Pop Rocks in it that literally pops in your mouth."

In addition to creating new signature drinks, Buffalo Wings & Rings upgraded its existing offerings by incorporating higher-quality liquor and enhancing popular drink staples like the Lonestar Lemonade and best-selling Long Island Tennessee Tea. The elevated beverages include a variety of non-alcoholic options as well including the Coconut Cooler, Blueberry Lemonade and Pop Rocking Lemonade.

"Bolstering our drink menu with these signature cocktails creates an incredible opportunity to enhance customer experience at our restaurants," said Diane Matheson, VP of Marketing for Buffalo Wings & Rings. "Our creative new offerings and improvements to our classic favorites will entice customers to opt for one of our cocktails thanks to their elevated quality and reasonable price point."

New signature cocktails added to the drink menu include:

*Ring-A-Rita – Buffalo Wings & Rings new handmade margarita mix coupled with El Jimador Silver tequila, enhanced with orange liqueur, real agave nectar and citrus juices. Served with a Buffalo Wings & Rings signature onion ring hung on the straw.

*Chocolate Bacon Manhattan – This sweet and savory combination includes Woodford Reserve bourbon, Aztec Chocolate Bitters and real agave nectar. Topped with orange essence and a slice of bacon.

RUM-ble Mojito – Double the rum, double the fun! This refreshing take on the classic mojito mixes Blue Chair Bay White Rum and Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum with fresh-squeezed lime juice and mint.

*Mango Mule – A new addition to the traditional mule catalog, this refreshing beverage made with Tito's vodka and a real mango fruit base includes fresh-squeezed lime juice and fresh mint and ginger. Mixed with soda and served in a copper mug.

"We are really excited for fans of Buffalo Wings & Rings to experience these specialty-crafted cocktails in all markets," said Bombard. "These drinks take what the restaurant has been doing great for years and incorporates that same level of quality in a way you can only experience at Buffalo Wings & Rings."