I'll Be Single Before I Settle Stage Play

Style Magazine Newswire | 8/1/2019, 2:37 p.m.

Houston, TX – I’ll Be Single Before I Settle, starring local author and spoken word artist Inertia Justice, is a stage play using art to end the silence about domestic violence at Houston’s MATCH theater August 17, 2019.

I’ll Be Single Before I Settle, is a story of college friends who make a bet on who will find love first. Along the way, they explore what it means to be in a relationship, their expectations of a relationship and end up exposing the answer to the question “why are you single.”

“When playwright/director, Shaneisha Dobson, asked me to play the role of Giovan… I had to said yes! In my book, The Life of Shame, one of my characters faced domestic violence as a child and struggled to recover from the trauma. I feel it is extremely important that we use our art to effect change. Love is not supposed to hurt.” Inertia Justice said.

As a show of my support, Justice will offer unreleased copies of The Life of Shame vol. 2 at a discounted price on the show’s opening night and contribute a part of the proceeds to Black Girlz production domestic violence awareness program.

Inertia Justice is a national and international slam poet, model, activist, actress, business professional, and a budding new author. Her poetry has been published in several national and international anthologies of poetry. A Texas Southern University Graduate, Inertia holds an MA Degree in Sociology, BA in Communications and an AA in Business Administration. She has published three poetry journals and a catalogue of work available on iTunes.

The Life of Shame vol. 2 is the second book of the trilogy seeking to open minds and mouths about the pressures today’s young adults experience while learning who they are and how they want to “show up” in the world. The main character - Shame is a very thoughtful and introspective person. Follow her on this journey and possibly see yourself in her successes and challenges.

Justice uses her poetic prowess and educational background to create full-bodied characters who are easy to love or hate. Imagery is her specialty and you will enjoy watching this story develop.