Black-Owned Spa Owner Pays It Forward With 12 Ways Of Giving Campaign

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 12/19/2019, midnight
Owner of Pure Vichy Spa Lebrina Johnson is on a mission
Lebrina Johnson, Owner of Pure Vichy Spa | River Oaks

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," so they say, but, not exactly for everyone. As much as we count our joyous moments, blessings and love on our kids, we can't forget our women who are faced with relentless illnesses and even our mothers who balance so much in life. Black-owned boss lady Lebrina Johnson definitely understands the crucial importance of self-care and women needing a break from their normal lives even if it's just an hour during the holidays. According to a recent article in Forbes, it was sighted that people who make an extra special effort to put an emphasis on self-care are more productive and both mentally and emotionally healthy.

Lebrina Johnson, Owner of Pure Vichy Spa | River Oaks

Lebrina Johnson, Owner of Pure Vichy Spa | River Oaks

Lebrina of Pure Vichy Spa (River Oaks) is kicking off her 12 ways of giving campaign, providing a Spa Pop-Up experience for women at local shelters and breast cancer survivors. There are countless organizations giving clothing and toys to children, which is amazing, but what Lebrina is doing 'takes the cake'! Providing women with a release from the life challenges they are facing is game-changing because inevitably if mom is good, the whole house is good, right? Having a heart to advocate for women means the world to Lebrina, so much that last year she launched a campaign to giveaway $10,000 to deserving women nominated by various local Houston charities. The young spa owner told Style Magazine that she travels across the world from Scottsdale, AZ (#1 spas), Atlanta, GA, Colorado Springs, London, England, UK, Austin, TX and beyond to provide Houston with some of the trendiest attractions and to elevate Vichy's overall experience. Influenced deeply by her dearest great-grandmother and exposed to five generations as a child, Lebrina was born into a bloodline of beauty experts.

At the age of 21, single mom and college drop-out, Lebrina had gone from studying biology and wanting to become a dentist to struggling through school and landing in her mother’s salon. “We are already like a double minority, " Lebrina stated. Being an African-American woman and black can create barriers in different industries based on prejudices that unfortunately still exist. Lebrina mentioned the importance of not reinventing the wheel and to study the greats. "Envision yourself at an upper echelon, " she stated. The 5 Star on Google establishment offers services for arthiritis and alignments which her Chiropractic staff is on guard to assist.

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