Save a Dollar and Drop a Pound Or Two

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/15/2019, 3:02 p.m.
How would you like to save some money AND lose a few pounds at the same time? Just as change ...

By BlackDoctor.Org

How would you like to save some money AND lose a few pounds at the same time? Just as change can add up to $20, $30 and $50 dollars, eating in between meals can add up to calories that add up to 10, 20 or 30 pounds!

Some people can quit things “cold,” and for others it takes time. Just as SAVING money can take time, LOSING pounds can take time. The concept of gradualism which refers to “proceeding or changing by steps or degrees,” is mentioned in most fitness or health books. Remember, we have to start somewhere.

Personally, I went from a “4 meal a day meat-eater” to a becoming a “one meal a day vegetarian.” I gradually stopped eating a heavy pancake breakfast to only eating fruit in the morning. This ALONE started saving me money. Think if you travel and eat a hot breakfast at a hotel, you are easily spending $12-15 on YOURSELF. However, if you only had coffee or a little fruit, think of how much you will save.

If you are used to breakfast, consider replacing pancakes and waffles with bananas and apples and water. Bananas are a very fulfilling fruit that gives you a nice boost, unlike the heavy processed breakfast food we eat. You will get used to the “light” energetic feeling that fruit gives you in the morning, which will help pave the way for your one GOOD meal a day. Today, I always feel best when I get up in the morning, pray, have a glass of water with lemon and later eat my one GOOD meal.

There is no mystery God, where” poof!” –things happen. There is a process for everything. Every action is preceded by a thought, sometimes it is a quick thought, but “if you dwell on it long enough, you may act on it.” How many of us have found ourselves at midnight thinking about a piece of pie left in the refrigerator? We continue thinking about the pie until we finally get up and go eat the rest of it.

This is why we must continually guard our thoughts and feed and strengthen them with positive “life-giving” information. Many motivational books tell you that you have to first “see” what you want to “be.” How do you “become” something? Aren’t there steps? Yes. Is there a process? Absolutely! You have to start walking the walk and talking the talk beforehand. It is called “practice” (smile).

What are some gradual steps we can take? First, pray God for guidance, resources and the strength to achieve your goals. Make up your MIND to be successful in improving your health. Ask for dedication, resources, and strength. Do you want a “super dose” of “Get your butt off the couch?” Check out videos of former Navy Seal and “no excuse man,” David Goggins on Youtube.

Second, write down your goals, long and short term and “action items” toward those goals.

Third, write out for 3 days, a food diary. This will be a part of the self-examination and self-analysis process). (Sisters can use their How to Eat to Live Journal). I did this once and saw how much food I was eating. What was even worse was how much MONEY I was wasting! Ridiculous! I was spending about $30 ($5 a day, 6 days a week) on sweetened high-calorie coffee drinks.