Amazon Offers Employees $10K to Start a Delivery Business

Style Magazine Newswire | 5/31/2019, 3 p.m.

Amazon has a proposition for its employee: Become a delivery entrepreneur. According to CBNC, the tech giant is offering its employees $10,000 to set up their delivery business. These employees, would of course, be delivering on behalf of Amazon. The company is attempting to scale operations to stay competitive with other delivery services by providing their employees the opportunity to be delivery service providers. How would it all work? Amazon plans to take an active role in helping interested employees launch their own package delivery businesses. An employee will leave their role at Amazon to build their business knowing they will have consistent delivery volume from Amazon, access to the company’s sophisticated delivery technology, hands-on training, and discounts on a suite of assets and services. They will also have Amazon-branded vans customized for delivery, branded uniforms, and comprehensive insurance.