Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction with Dr. Sanjay Qupta

Style Magazine Newswire | 4/3/2020, 11:15 a.m.

As global cases of the novel coronavirus near the staggering milestone of 1 million, spreading to almost every country and territory, the World Health Organization chief says he is “deeply concerned” about the “near exponential growth” of the pandemic.

In the US, the outbreak is widening and much-needed medical equipment is running out. The federal government has nearly emptied its emergency stockpile of personal protective gear and halted shipments internationally.

Governors are pleading for supplies for inundated hospitals, as cases in the US hit more than 215,000. Today, the death toll topped 5,000 nationwide -- with over 1,300 fatalities in New York City.

In a sign of just how abnormal things have become: the nation’s top coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fau- ci -- who became a lightning rod for right-wing criticism after correcting President Donald Trump -- has been forced to beef up his personal security amid increased death threats.