Sayonne Brings the Heat With the Edgy "Hot Sauce"

Style Magazine Newswire | 4/8/2020, 11:36 a.m.
It's "HOT SAUCE-PALOOZA" with SAYONNE as she comes to Facebook Live and Instagram Live on Friday, (4/10) at 3 pm ...

It's "HOT SAUCE-PALOOZA" with SAYONNE as she comes to Facebook Live and Instagram Live on Friday, (4/10) at 3 pm EST.

Join the party as Sayonne presents her latest single, "Hot Sauce", takes your questions and shares more new music. Stay tuned!

Ready for release on April 7th, 2020, R&B singer/songwriter Sayonne reveals her sizzling new single on 5 Bars Records, “Hot Sauce”.

Tantalizing and spicy, “Hot Sauce” is an up-tempo, hip-hop jam that is as saucy and edgy as Sayonne herself, who wrote the tune with co-producers Brent Toussaint and Carlos Battey. This bouncy groove will be the hot track of the spring and well into the summer.

"Hot Sauce" is more than just a song about what we use to flavor our food,” said Sayonne. “It’s really about my own personality. I’m very outspoken and know what I like, especially when it comes down to men who approach me. The track lets guys know just how I am and if they can handle all of this hotness.”

The EP that includes “Hot Sauce” features tracks that follow the same theme as well.

With the simmering “Boyfriend Material,” Sayonne runs down a checklist of what she wants in a man and warns to not take it personal if one doesn’t make the grade. “Thirsty” is fun and upbeat where Sayonne’s confidence with what she’s got radiates through the tune. Then there’s the game of “Tic-Tac-Toe”, a mid-tempo jam with Sayonne letting her ex’s know they can’t come ‘round here anymore now that she found the right guy.

Recently, Sayonne and Double XXposure Media Relations founder/president Angelo Ellerbee has teamed up with the UK-based artist-to-artist online platform, Jamma Music. This partnership will bring together musicians, radio programmers and booking agents from the USA and in Europe to collaborate on projects, live events and music promotion.

The single “Hot Sauce” is available for download purchase on iTunes as well as Spotify for streaming -