11-Year- Old African-American Girl Publishes Self-Illustrated Activity Book aimed to Instill Confidence in Young Girls

Little Black Pearls For Little Black Girls, Activity Book Now Available for Purchase on Amazon

Style Magazine Newswire | 4/21/2020, 10:16 a.m.

Your Hair is a SuperPower and you should love and celebrate it. So shares 11-year-old author, illustrator, YouTuber and motivational sensation Kennedy Jordan Turner. This pearl of wisdom is just one of the featured parts of Turner’s new book: Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls which she illustrated herself and is now available for order on Amazon.

An avid-reader since she was 18-months old, Turner paired her love of books (the Harry Potter series is her favorite) with her passion for drawing to create Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls. Authored with her mother, Dominique Jordan Turner, the book is filled with beautiful pearls of wisdom to inspire pride and confidence in readers of all ages.

“People always try to tell you what you can and can’t do. You’re not smart enough to be a doctor or you aren’t pretty enough to be a model,” said Kennedy Jordan Turner. “I say don’t listen to them … you can be and do anything. If your heart decides that you want to do something, then you can do it.”

This mother-daughter duo believes that confidence is the key to success. The goal of the book is to ensure women and girls recognize the superpowers they possess and provide tips to instill and grow that confidence.

The message is important for women of all ages and races but the Turners have tailored the book to speak life and encourage a spirit of fearlessness among African-American women in particular.

“From the time our little black girls come into the world, they’re bombarded with images and messages that do not affirm who they are as individuals or future leaders.” said Dominique Jordan Turner. “We must work harder to ensure little black girls grow up to be strong and confident women who understand their true power, beauty, intellect and value to the world. We’ve been speaking this into Kennedy since she was born and it’s amazing to see her share her beyond-her-years wisdom and confidence with others.

A stand-out feature of Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls are the vibrant and dynamic illustrations that were drawn by Kennedy Jordan Turner herself. The content is perfect for mother-daughter book clubs or as a stay-at-home activity.

The release of Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls is just the latest project from Kennedy Jordan Turner. She also has a line of inspiration wear and custom design t-shirts for order, in addition to continuing to develop her art and connect with her fans via her Instagram Channel.

Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls is now available on Amazon. For more information, please visit www.KennedyJordanTurner.com.