Reggae Artist Taj Weekes named Goodwill and Brand Ambassador for St. Lucia

Style Magazine Newswire | 1/15/2020, 12:33 p.m.
The Government of Saint Lucia has announced Reggae artist Taj Weekes is among the names of twelve Saint Lucians appointed …
Taj Weekes

The Government of Saint Lucia has announced Reggae artist Taj Weekes is among the names of twelve Saint Lucians appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors and one of nine as Brand Ambassadors. “The Saint Lucia Goodwill Ambassadors programme is proposed as a tool to actualize the national cultural policy in a number of key areas,” Minister Fortuna Belrose stated. “They are citizens of Saint Lucia who have achieved international acclaim and the overall objective of the programme is to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation and the development of human capital in all sectors related to the creative arts and the industries, sports, visual arts, gastronomy and music,” the Minister went on to say.

The Ambassadors are expected to represent Saint Lucia locally, regionally and internationally by leveraging their profile and celebrity status to tap into access for growth and to forge strategic partnership between the Cultural Development Foundation and other related agencies. The title of “Your Excellency” will be conferred on the Goodwill Ambassadors, as well as the Saint Lucia Medal of Merit Gold.

In announcing the Brand Ambassadors Minister Belrose stated: “It is imperative that such citizens be recognized and allowed to leverage their profile/celebrity status to locate ad access opportunities for the growth and development of Saint Lucia in their respective sectors. Given that culture helps to shape the uniqueness of a destination the brand ambassadors program will provide the platform to identify individuals who are best placed to create local and international awareness of our culture, arts and creative industries.”

Upon hearing the news, Weekes stated: "Thank you to the Government and People of St. Lucia for conferring upon me the role of Goodwill Ambassador and Brand Ambassador. People often ask what drives me to do what I do outside of the music. Simple - love and gratitude for the "good' hand that Jah blessed me with. When you appreciate what you have been given, sharing it is instinctive, because your contentment is complete with the act of giving. However, receiving the designation by the government and people of Goodwill Ambassador and Brand Ambassador is humbling. THANK YOU. It is more fuel on the fire to continue to do what I do. As always, ‘Vibes High, Message Mighty.'"

The Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries will be hosting an official ceremony at which time all of the official instruments will be conferred on the Goodwill and Brand Ambassadors.