Top Energy/Tech CEO and Private Equity Investor, Solomon Ali, Launches the MBA: Minority Business Access Podcast

Tech and Energy CEO, and Private Equity Investor, Mr. Solomon Ali, launches his podcast to educate and empower people of color, and women, in business.

Style Magazine Newswire | 1/22/2020, 12:58 p.m.
Get ready to earn your "M.B.A." with Tech & Energy CEO and Private Equity Investor, Solomon Ali. Mr. Ali's new ...
Solomon Ali

Get ready to earn your "M.B.A." with Tech & Energy CEO and Private Equity Investor, Solomon Ali. Mr. Ali's new podcast, MBA: Minority Business Access walks minority business owners and entrepreneurs through tested methods of circumventing what he calls "a slanted financial system towards people of color and other minorities," to successfully raise funding and scale their businesses.

As a corporate executive, Solomon Ali, has served as CEO of the private equity company, Rainco Industries. He has generated $100 million in assets for his various companies and arranged more than $250 million in structured investment capital and financing. Companies established through Solomon's efforts and expertise across tech and energy sectors earned more than $118 million in gross sales revenue in 2019. He has held seats on the board of three African-American owned publicly traded companies as well as simultaneously holding officer positions at these companies.

According to Solomon Ali, "There has traditionally been a large gap in business funding and business scalability for minority business owners." He cites African-Americans and other minority groups as having less access to financial information and to the right types of funding that enable them to scale their businesses and eventually sell or go public. His new podcast focuses on solutions to change this dynamic.

The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs of color and with female entrepreneurs, and the proactive steps they've taken to successfully fund and scale their respective businesses. The podcast also includes valuable roundtable conversations and insights with Mr. Ali and his team. The MBA Podcast is available for download across all podcast streaming services.

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