Top 5 Signs You Need a Personal Renewal

Dr. Kimberly McLeod | 1/24/2020, 2:38 p.m.
Welp. The scale is not a liar. When did your clothes stop fitting? Where did that extra weight come from? ...
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1. Welp. The scale is not a liar. When did your clothes stop fitting? Where did that extra weight come from? Why won’t it just go away? Stress eating, binge eating, pot luck eating, snack eating, fancy eating, just eating up any and everything. You’re not even hungry. You’re just eating to be eating. You need a new start.

2. Exercise has been flipping the remote control. You know better, but you just don’t have the will to do better. You know exactly what you need to do. You know the perfect time in your busy schedule to get it done. You just don’t do it because you need a break. You don’t just need a break you need a revival.

3. You take off work for your “mental health day” and it just doesn’t do it for you anymore. You don’t get recharged, you actually get more tired and more reluctant to go back and get into the swing of things. You took a day off, but what you really want is an escape.

4. Anxiety steals your smiles. You try to enjoy the simple things in life and even that is short lived. Your body feels lost, even while you are following the exact same daily routine. You’re moving through life, but joy, peace and growth are not moving with you.

5. Effort towards almost anything seems unlikely to happen. Not today at least; and tomorrow isn’t looking so good either.

Dr. Kimberly McLeod

Dr. Kimberly McLeod

If you’ve felt any or all of these in your right now life, its time for a right now renewal. You are in the great beyond and you need to move to the right now. Nothing you are experiencing is uncommon to humanity. Nothing. I love it when people say “Don’t worry, this too shall pass.” Indeed it will. Your friends that tell you that, are absolutely right; but while it is passing you need to survive the storm. Survive the storm with your personal renewal. Three tips to get you started.

1. Walk it off. Take a long walk, short walk, brisk walk it really doesn’t matter. Just move your body. All of that negative energy your body is storing needs to be released. Release it – physically. Take a walk.

2. While walking think about whatever is causing you pain and walk harder. Keep pressing all of that negative energy out, until you can think about it and you aren’t sick in the stomach.

3. When your negative energy escapes. Let it go. Let it all go. Replace that with the first step you are going to take to move life forward. Don’t plan all the steps, just the first one. Then take it. The next steps will follow.

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