Parents: Stay Focused on Your Goals

Style Magazine Newswire | 6/30/2020, 10 a.m.
In times of uncertainty, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your personal and career goals. As parents, we ...
Author and social media professor Angela Marie Hutchinson with her three kids. PHOTO COURTESY ANGELA MARIE HUTCHINSON

By Angela Marie Hutchinson

In times of uncertainty, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your personal and career goals. As parents, we might even feel guilty for pushing forward to achieve success. When areas of our lives at home or at work add to our daily stress, it is important not to ignore the chaos. But it is equally as important to continue thriving despite our challenges.

How can you thrive when chaos is around you?

You must protect your mind. One way to implement this strategy is by limiting your media consumption. Reducing the amount of content that you watch or listen to on a daily basis will protect your headspace. This not only helps you to think clearly, but also frees up your mind and boosts your energy. Your mental productivity will increase. Whether it’s podcasts, social media, YouTube videos or even text messages among close friends, the amount of content that you consume can deplete your time in a way that is so organic, you might not realize how much time you are interacting with your electronic devices.

Next, structure how you allocate your attention. Then shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance. To do this, you must give purpose and meaning to not only your life goals but also your daily responsibilities. You might have recently lost a loved one and feel like quitting your weight loss plan or become distracted from starting a business venture. Sticking to your body goals and blogging about the process might encourage someone else to embrace a fit lifestyle.

Eventually, difficult times have a peak. As the waters calm, we may find ourselves wanting to rest, which is a good thing. So, if you take the time to continue working toward your goals even through chaotic times, you will be able to unapologetically reap the benefits in serene times.

When you are faced with rejection, do you cringe or thrive?

If you find yourself working toward your goals and you are not accomplishing them, brainstorm ways that you can take control of your life. Often times, when we face rejection, we consider it a setback. In actuality, rejection is a redirection that brings you closer to your goals.

It might seem like you are out of options when you try something and fail, but there is almost always a way to make your dreams a reality in the face of any adversity. Rather than accept defeat, keep pushing forward. Remember that someone else’s dream is connected to yours and keep aiming high.

What happens when children see us experience a challenge?

Whether you are struggling to maintain a clean kitchen or finalize a work presentation, it is crucial that you set an example for your children on how to accomplish tasks even through difficult situations. When a child observes the tenacity and resilience of a parent or caretaker, it equips them with the tools that they will need to thrive as adults.

When you complete an activity or experience progress, it has a positive impact on your mental health. Feeling confident about your productivity also leads to a good night’s sleep and makes that morning cup of coffee even more of a delight.

Angela Marie Hutchinson is a social media professor at Loyola Marymount University, TV commentator, and the author of “Create Your Yes! When You Keep Hearing No,” based on her popular TEDx Talk with the same topic. Angela resides in Sherman Oaks with her three kids and rocket scientist husband.