Local Houston-Based Company Launches Into 20 Walmart Locations in Texas

FIREDISC® Cookers Celebrating a Decade of Delicious Innovation

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/2/2020, 1:17 p.m.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Mar. 2, 2020 —Ten years ago, Griff and Hunter Jaggard began a journey to bring high tech and portability to the gas-cooker market. With a ton of passion and a decade of perseverance, FIREDISC® has become famous for a line of mobile, bullet-proof and high-quality cookers that is taking the industry by storm.

It’s not only the cooking and grilling world that has taken notice. FIREDISC® ranks among the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Its products have reached mainstream retail nationwide, including American icons such as Ace Hardware, True Value, Buc-ee’s and new at Walmart. FIREDISC® is proud to announce a rollout in 20 Walmart locations in the Dallas and Houston areas.

“As we continue to grow our business, we look to partner with retailers who attract a customer base similar to that of our target audience,” said Hunter Jaggard, CEO and Co-Founder of FIREDISC®. “Launching our products into Walmart will allow us to showcase the FIREDISC® brand to a family-oriented customer base that may have never seen our product before.”

FIREDISC®'s distinctive design is turning heads all over - including with those making their own waves across the nation. Kevin Fowler, Texas Country Singer-Songwriter, has become a big fan of the versatility and portability of FIREDISC® Cookers - and predicts big things for the company.

“The FIREDISC® grill is awesome!! Whether we’re using it on tour with the band or on the tailgate of my truck at the deer lease, it always comes through for me,” said Fowler. “The convenience and compact portability makes it perfect on the tour bus. But the FIREDISC® is equally as functional in my backyard cooking fajitas and drinking beer. I love my FIREDISC® and can see this product becoming a household staple for families everywhere.”

In honor of their 10th Anniversary, FIREDISC® co-founders, brothers, and best friends, Griff and Hunter Jaggard created a special podcast to discuss the past decade and just how far FIREDISC® has come! Check it out here.

For more information about FIREDISC® Cookers and its line of outdoor grills and accessories, visit www.firedisccookers.com or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.