Texas author and attorney Clayton Rawlings releases book entitled ‘Bitcoin For Beginners’

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/12/2020, 12:42 p.m.

Texas author Clayton Rawlings announces the release of his book “Bitcoin For Beginners,” a book explaining the origin and evolution of digital currency. This is the fourth book the personal injury attorney releases and other titles include “Pardon the Disruption”, “Mediation in a Personal Injury Case” and “Personal Injury Lawsuits” and it’s available now on Amazon.

“Some say it’s worthless and only purchased by fools, while others declare it will be worth a million dollars within a year,” said Rawlings. “Bitcoin is a new asset and there are no actual experts in this field.”

“Bitcoin For Beginners” is not pushing readers to purchase digital currency. It is rather an explanation of the crossroads of the current convergence of technology, finance and artificial intelligence. The book contains 31 chapters, which include Global Transformations: Theism, Humanism and Digitalism, Problem with Current Stock Market, How to Obtain Bitcoin, Blockchain Defined and the Universal Adoption Effect.

“Billions of dollars are being spent to develop and create the infrastructure for Bitcoin to become a currency,” stated Rawlings. “I wrote this book to help people get the courage to open a small stake in Bitcoin to see if it does become adopted,” he explained. If mass adoption were to occur, the results will be staggering.

Rawlings’ previous book titled “Pardon the Disruption,” published in 2013, made many predictions around where technology and society would be by the year 2020. In many instances his predictions have proven to be true and one of his short stories from that book was reprinted in a science fiction anthology titled “Visions of the Future.”

“For most all that’s missing is a guide to help people get started and Bitcoin For Beginners is that guide,” concluded Rawlings. “This is the adventure of a lifetime.”

Clayton Rawlings, a partner at Hampton & Rawlings, is a personal injury attorney with 40 years of experience representing those who have been injured due to the negligence of corporations or individuals. He established his firm in 1985 in Houston, Texas, alongside his partner Keith Hampton.