Discover how the arts can spark a better future for your child

The Artrageous troupe is passionate about using the arts to inspire children academically, socially and emotionally

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/30/2020, 12:17 p.m.

Exposure to the arts gives kids more than just a creative outlet. Statistics show that students involved in the arts are four times more likely to stay in school and be recognized for academic achievement1 and they are more likely to feel connected with the world.2 “The arts are fundamental and an integral part of human existence,” agrees Lauri Francis, a member of Artrageous, an 11-member traveling artistic troupe.

Francis knows that learning to express yourself creatively can ignite dreams and ambitions. “Children have the capacity to take in information at an incredible pace. Let’s be sure we are fueling their entire being. With our performances, we want to inspire children to be empathetic, kind and thoughtful … able to creatively express their thoughts, emotions and connect with other human beings.”

The troupe members have lived this self-discovery journey, which they began 30 years ago as street performers. “It wasn’t necessarily easy or comfortable,” recalls Francis. “But we believed; we are super passionate about the arts being a tool to help you push past your comfort zones, to observe things within yourself and to grow.”

And grow they have, in their confidence and skills as well as their impact and popularity. Some fans now drive hundreds of miles to experience one of their feel-great, high-energy stage performances.

But the troupe is most enthusiastic about how their performances encourage children. With arts education slowly being removed from schools, Artrageous is determined to help fill the void. “As responsible parents, teachers and members of planet earth, we all see the effects of technology on our future generations. We understand the need for something more. We understand the critical importance of creatively using your body, mind and emotions.”

Performance arts teach children collaboration and communications skills. The arts also boost student engagement.3 One study found that students heavily involved in the arts also watched fewer hours of TV, participated in more community service and reported less boredom in school.4

This is why Artrageous makes each performance an audience experience

Artrageous uses their craft to connect theater goers with one another as well as with the arts. “We recognize the power in sharing the creation space and involving our audience with the performance. We make the space safe and non-judgmental. Everyone is included if they want to be. You create something amazing if you do it together, as a team.”

This is not your ordinary theater experience. The troupe performs 8 to 9 highly visual, highly interactive vignettes featuring several different art forms incorporating singing, dancing, painting, live music and puppetry. Audience members are nearly always involved, sometimes on stage or simply by standing up and dancing from their seats.

Their performances have a big impact on the children

The evening is often a jumping off point, especially for the youngest audience members. “When they leave, they are inspired to see what they can create,” says Francis. “The younger generations want to be part of something that matters. Quality experiences are very important.”

Whenever Artrageous is booked for an evening show, the troupe will also work with event coordinators to bus in kids from local schools. “We try to connect with kids whenever we can,” Francis elaborates. “We will donate a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A. Part of our message to these kids – and everyone – is that you can pretty much do anything with your life. Just find the right vehicle and the right friends, and work on it.”

Having experienced three decades of personal growth through their artistic community, the Artistic troupe members are encouraging fans to follow their lead. “Find a community of friends and family that has a passion and drive to create something deeper. If you have a dream or a vision that seems too big for you to manage on your own, you can do it with a team!”

Francis adds, “Connect with your local community through your theater. See how you can get involved with the backstage crew … the front of the house … the marketing department. They need your help and will likely be so grateful to receive it! Remember, the arts are vital to a well-rounded education. These new experiences will benefit you, and they will have a strong positive influence on your children.”

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