This Museum Wants to Send Your Mom a Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Style Magazine Newswire | 5/7/2020, 2:40 p.m.
You can send your loved ones a free virtual bouquet of flowers, with help from India's Museum of Art and …

You can send your loved ones a free virtual bouquet of flowers, with help from India's Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) and their Bouquet of Hope. Flowers have always been the perfect Mother's Day gift because they symbolize life, love, and hope.

Over a thousand blooms have been submitted from around the world -- including from Michele Oka Doner, Ralph Gibson, Jay Levenson (MoMA), Zandra Rhodes, Fern Mallis, Daisy Soros, Colin B. Bailey (Morgan Library & Museum) -- to MAP's Bouquet of Hope. Some were drawn or painted, others photographed their garden or a motif from fabric. MAP is creating the world's largest flower bouquet to inspire hope; something we all need now more than ever.

Just in time for Mother's Day (May 10), you can pick your favorite arrangement of flowers and virtually send a bouquet of your choosing to your loved one. You can also still submit a flower of your own and build a bouquet around it.

Flowers can be sent from and submitted to:


For his parents 25th wedding anniversary in 1989, MAP Founder Abhishek Poddar surprised them with an art installation of 25 flowers. Well-known artists from India created a single flower, one for each year of his parents' married life together, in the artist's own inimitable style. Each image reminds them of a fond moment, "at times like these, we hold on to precious memories - of family times, of challenges we managed to overcome, of personal journeys we ventured on" said Abhishek.

About MAP

The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) is a new museum being built in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. It will be among India’s very first major private art museums, with a goal to share India's artistic heritage while also igniting a new modern museum culture. MAP connects India's past, present, and future by showcasing historical artifacts alongside modern and contemporary works, folk art, textiles, painting, sculpture and photography. The MAP collection currently has more than 18,000 works ranging from the 12th Century to the present day. The first 7000 objects and the first six million dollars were donated by Abhishek Poddar.