Kroger Providing Much Needed Services to Louisiana Communities and First Responders

Style Magazine Newswire | 9/2/2020, 12:20 p.m.
Kroger providing laundry facilities to Louisiana communities and Ssowers for first responder teams Affected by hurricane

Kroger has announced that they are providing laundry facilities to customers impacted by Hurricane Laura, as well as shower facilities for First Responders.

Customers at the Sulphur and Lake Charles Kroger locations are invited to use the laundry trailers that contain a line of washing machines and dryers. A water truck nearby pumps gallons of water into the washers, helping those in the area without water to wash clothing and blankets.

Kroger is also supporting the First Responders in the area helping with disaster relief efforts by providing a row of 10 showers at both the Sulphur and Lake Charles Kroger locations. All first responders are invited to use the showers, provided specially for them and store associates.

“Not only are groceries an essential need, but the ability to wash clothing and shower are too,” said Joe Kelley, President of Kroger. “We want to invite families to come and use the laundry facilities that we have brought in to help solve a need in what’s already a stressful time for many.”

Both laundry and shower facilities can be found at:

Kroger, 2010 Country Club Road, Lake Charles

Kroger, 1421 Beglis, Sulphur