Students set to launch bike rental program aided by donation

CNN/ Newswire | 4/7/2021, 11:38 a.m.

By Tom Barton

DAVENPORT, Iowa (Quad-City Times) -- St. Ambrose University students in Davenport are in the process of launching a bike rental program on campus, thanks to a donation from the Hilltop Campus Village and Scott County Sheriff's Department.

Students in Jason Senjem’s 318 Social Entrepreneurship Class at St. Ambrose are in the process of developing a business plan and seeking donations to assist with start up costs for the rental program, Bee Bikes, according to a news release.

The Hilltop Campus Village contacted the Scott County Sheriff's Department and asked if they had any touring bikes available, said HCV Director Scott Tunnicliff.

Last year, the sheriff's department supplied 24 bikes for adults and children that were given away to families and children in need, Tunnicliff said in a release.

While there was a shortage of bikes this year, the department donated 10 reconditioned touring bikes to the Hilltop Campus Village, which in turn gave them as a "startup investment" to Bee Bikes.

"Since we had a relationship from the previous year's giveaway effort, the students felt is was easy to seek assistance, and we were glad to provide it," Tunnicliff said. "We are grateful to the Scott County Sheriff's Department for their donation, which we hope will enhance the use of alternative modes of transportation in the HCV district."