Whiskey Cake is Offering Grocery Kits at its Woodlands Location

Style Magazine Newswire | 2/23/2021, 10:22 a.m.

With grocery stores running low on food due to outages from the winter storm, Whiskey Cake is helping the community by offering grocery kits for curbside pickup.

Available at Whiskey Cake The Woodlands, located at 27800 N. Fwy Service Road, guests can stock up on groceries with these kits:

Chili Campoff Kit ($50) – Includes one quart of Turkey Chili, Cheddar cheese and corn chips, one marinated whole chicken, 15 eggs, one pound of butter, one gallon of milk and a bundle of Mesquite firewood.

The OG (Original Grocery) Kit ($50) – Includes one pound of butter, one gallon of milk, 15 eggs, one marinated chicken, six burgers, six buns and burger fixings. Guests can add on some extras like two Sirloins ($15) two Filets ($30) Imagery Chardonnay ($33) or Daou Cabernet ($35).

Kids are covered too with:

The Big Kid Kit ($30) – Includes six chicken tenders, hummus and crudite (veggies), Spinach Salad and one quart of Mac & Cheese.

To order a grocery kit for curbside pickup, call Whiskey Cake at 346.209.5577.