Popular Streaming Show Conscious Living® Airs Fourth Season on PBS Stations Starting in June

Husband and Wife Team Bianca and Michael Alexander Travel the Globe to Inspire Viewers to Live More Mindfully While Eating, Shopping, Traveling, and more!

Style Magazine Newswire | 5/31/2021, 1:48 p.m.
The past year in quarantine has forced many of us to think more consciously about the impact everyday choices have ...
Bianca and Michael Alexander in Ubud, Bali.

The past year in quarantine has forced many of us to think more consciously about the impact everyday choices have on our health, humanity and the sustainability of the planet. As we emerge cautiously from isolation and venture beyond our insulated pods and cocoons, Conscious Living invites viewers to explore the world more mindfully.

With a successful career as a Hollywood entertainment attorney and Emmy-winning on-camera TV journalist, yogi Bianca Alexander felt called to create more uplifting TV programming. Combined with her husband Michael’s lifelong commitment to the environment and decades of experience as a holistic entrepreneur, vegan chef, and filmmaker, they were both eager to be the change and harness the power of storytelling to help create a more just and sustainable world. Hence, they created the popular Amazon Prime streaming show Conscious Living that will debut its fourth season on PBS stations across the US starting in June.

Distributed by NETA and airing nationally on PBS stations (check local listings), Conscious Living is an exciting lifestyle series that travels the globe on a hunt for what it takes to be a more mindful human - from unique yoga and wellness adventures to mouthwatering vegan street food, sustainable eco-fashion and design, and uplifting spiritual transformation.

With the planet in peril, humanity faces extinction unless we evolve and learn to coexist with Mother Nature, society, and each other. The media we consume is an important part of the mindful revolution. This led Bianca and Michael to conceive Conscious Living on a beach in Bali during their honeymoon in 2004.

During a year-long spiritual sabbatical in the healing vortex of Sedona, Arizona, Michael and Bianca produced the first episodes of Conscious Living. They launched the show to serve as a catalyst for the global awakening toward mindfulness that’s currently sweeping the planet.

“We are part of a new global paradigm shift guided by spirituality, sustainability, and equal justice for all. Conscious Living celebrates choice: the choice to focus our energy on what we wish to create in the world and to take positive steps each day towards that vision. Whether it’s adopting a more holistic plant-based diet, living and traveling sustainably, or raising your vibration through meditation and yoga, in order to heal the planet, we first have to heal ourselves,” notes Bianca. “While how we travel is important - we offset our carbon, drive an electric car, travel via train, subway, bike and foot wherever possible and follow a plant-based diet - we’re far from perfect. The show documents our journey of discovery celebrating progress, not perfection. As the pandemic has taught us, every choice can make a difference in our collective wellbeing.” added Michael.

Since launching Conscious Living, they’ve produced hundreds of inspiring stories at beautiful destinations, like a Zen hot springs meditation retreat near Big Sur, California and an Ayurvedic yoga detox in the Himalayas. The show also gives viewers front-row seats to ethical cultural events like an upcycled eco-fashion show in Hong Kong and a sacred indigenous temple ceremony in Bali, while helping them hunt for the tastiest vegan street food from Washington, D.C. to Paris.

The premiere episode takes place in Germany where the dynamic duo takes a walk on the mindful side of one of the most eclectic cities in Europe: Berlin. From live music in historic Tiergarten Park just steps from the Brandenburg Gate to incredible back-alley vegan street eats, Berlin's a gift that keeps on giving. Its complex history creates a beautiful tapestry of diverse cultures and experiences, from a pop-up ethical fashion runway show to a tasty plant-based take on Germany’s beloved currywurst, join this conscious couple as they train, bike, and hike their way through this surprisingly sustainable city.

Future episodes take viewers on a wild adventure that includes: a visit to the wellness paradise of Bali; spiritual seeking in Rishikesh, India, Charlottesville, Virginia, Sedona and New York City; a vegan Mexican fiesta and yoga surfing trip in Maui; glamping in upstate New York; sustainable art exhibits from Japan and Italy to Chicago’s South Side; exploring the spiritually transforming effects of music at a Kirtan festival in Joshua Tree; raw vegan gelato in Rome; discovering the oldest Zen monastery and the art of Feng Shui in California; disappearing diabetes with an African American pastor in DC; escaping to the Himalayas and Umbria, Italy, for a digital detox; discovering a more sustainable future in eco-chic Singapore and finding hope in the midst of despair from a prison in Oregon to the gritty streets of Oakland.

Bianca and Michael are honored to air the next broadcast season of Conscious Living nationally on PBS stations starting this June. Take the journey with Conscious Living as they travel the mindful path to a brighter tomorrow.