Sip-Sations and Wine Tasting with Chaun Vaughn

Alex Jack | 6/24/2022, 11:06 a.m.
According to society, making it to 40 is a death sentence, and finding love after 40 is close to impossible. ...

According to society, making it to 40 is a death sentence, and finding love after 40 is close to impossible. I'm not sure who set that standard but Influencer Chaun Vaughn is teaching women to love themselves and live life on their own terms. Chaun is a wife, mother, and author of, "Dreams UnleaSHEd" Many women younger than 40 are afraid to become 40 and but Chaun is creating a movement to get women excited and prepared with chapter 40+ through her YouTube Channel called "Chaun Vaughn's 40+ Life", where she discussed various topics like, "7 Changes to Expect in your 40's" or "The 40+ Libido Increase". As a leader in this community, Chaun is focusing more on having events to bring even more life to the 40+ community.

I had the privilege of spending time with Chaun's community at an exclusive 40+ event she hosted called "Sip-Sation Wine Tasting". You were only able to know where it was located if you had a ticket. Once the ticket was in hand, you learned that the event was held at the gorgeous Vino & Vault located in the heart of Montrose at 2512 Genesee St. As you walked into Vault and Vino you were greeted with an atmosphere of luxury and love!

Chaun Interviewing Joél Ware and KG Smooth of Ready to Love

Chaun Interviewing Joél Ware and KG Smooth of Ready to Love

Chaun partnered up with wine expert Carl Chargois for our wine-tasting and education. You may recognize Carl from Netflix's "High on the Hog" or 2022 Wine Education Seminar at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. As a wine history and production enthusiast, I was definitely oozing with excitement as I learned some new things as well get up to date on new wines that are out. We had a chance to start with some beautiful white wines like Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry. Then we experienced the red wine Mount Langi Billi Billi Shiraz. My favorite wine of the night had to be The Pinot Project Pinot Noir. I enjoyed the dark cherry and blackberry notes. We were able to ask questions to dig deeper into wine origins like understanding the importance of terroir and what makes "real" champagne. The wine tasting is an experience that took your taste buds on a mini vacation.

Chaun Vaughn with Carl Chargois

Chaun Vaughn with Carl Chargois

During the final moments of the night, Chaun blessed us by moderating an interview from OwnTv's "Ready to Love" cast members from season 4 Joél Ware and Magic 102.1 "Quiet Storm" host KG Smooth. They discussed their time on the show, their current love lives after the show and qualities that are important when looking for your partner as a 40+ person. It was a conversation full of life and we ended the night tasting KG's amazing new wine called, Quiet Storm an Island Vibes Moscato. Quiet Storm has hints of mango, pineapple, and peach which is perfect for this hot summer season.

Despite me having some time before becoming a part of the elite 40+ community, I am so excited to get there. Chaun's mission is much needed for women that may be needing a support system as they find themselves after 40. Please support Chaun Vaughn and her amazing cause by subscribing to her youtube channel "Chaun Vaughn's 40+ Life" and following her on Instagram @thechaunvaughn.


Sip-Sations & Wine Tasting host Chaun Vaughn

Sip-Sations & Wine Tasting host @thechaunvaughn invited me out to @vaultandvino for a Wine Tasting/Education with Wine Expert Carl Chargois. I’m a wine nerd so I was in my element. Favorite wine of the tasting @thepinotproject. Then she capped the night with a live interview with @joelcware & @kgsmooth of @owntv Ready to Love!

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