Bun B’s Clever ‘Southern Takeover’ Ignites The Stadium At Rodeo Houston’s Black Heritage Night

“Let me tell you bout’ this super fly dirty-dirty Third Coast muddy waters….” – “Country Sh--” BIG K.R.I.T. Ft. Ludacris & Bun B

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 3/6/2023, 10:49 a.m.
Tradition continues at Rodeo Houston’s Black Heritage Night and music turns out to be one of the key components of ...

Tradition continues at Rodeo Houston’s Black Heritage Night and music turns out to be one of the key components of it all. A full day for the culture looks like getting your hands on a turkey leg, finding your way to the Stars Over Texas Stage to join the caravan of line dancing pros and proceeding to the stadium so you won’t miss ProRodeo Hall of Famer Leon Coffee. After six-o-clock hit, the stadium crowd began to grow in large numbers as the anticipation for what Bun B had to present was causing most of us anxiety, yet the happy kind of excitement mostly.

You knew the show was about to start when Rodeo Houston’s new beautiful iconic rotating stage made its way to the center, the lights began to dim and various popular Houston reppin’ figures began to salute Trill Burgers’ pioneer on the large screen. A few notable mentions included JJ Watts, De’Andre Hopkins, and Carl Lewis. Bun B appeared on stage with a PURPLE custom-made UGK poncho with his black cowboy hat to complete the fit. Unfortunately, the poncho went AWOL but that is another story and we hope someone returns it soon. His set begins with amplifying the very large crowd up with ‘Wood Wheel’, a UGK classic, as he paid homage to Pimp C. There was a globe that appeared on the screen and each time it would spin and land on a southern state, it definitely had people at the edge of their seats. From Mississippi, to Tennessee to Georgia, to Louisiana and Texas, it was like riding one of the best rollercoaster rides in southern music as the artists took to the stage.

Bun brought out 8Ball & MJG, Jazze Pha, Tela, Big K.R.I.T., David Banner, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, Cupid, Trinidad James, Lil Flip, Big Mike, Chalie Boy, Yung Star, Big Mike, and Scarface. The weight of the whole music experience was on Bun B and he successfully rendered an unforgettable live band experience to a roaring crowd of 74,573, a slightly higher number than last years’. It wouldn’t be surprising if Black Heritage Night 2024 showed increased numbers because the energy after the show was so high. The concert ended on Dallas, TX native Fatbellybella, aka Serra Bellum, aka Maria Mexico, the one and only Erykah Badu. She sung ‘Call Tyrone’ and ‘On and On’ with her jazzy-soulful voice in a ballad-style performance that could be heard all throughout the Rodeo experience outside of the NRG. People were truly amazed. It was a great night.